Getting use to home sticks


I dont see how you guys can use stick 100% from home in your lap. I grew up in arcades, and i used stick fine in arcades due to how strong they were mounted into the machine. i first bought a home stick in 2004, and i hated it right away due to how it moved around to much. so i decided to stay with pad. but in sf im only 70% with a pad. so i knew i have to make the switch. its just so annoying playing on when im in my bed on laptop. and i just wana lay back and relax.

I just cant do that on a stick like a pad. even when i sit straight up the stick is just different from arcade. its gonna take alot of time probably to get use to. but it is very frustrating at how easy it is to fuck up at times due to a slight bump.


One thing I do is get a chair/table/desk and put the stick on that. Usually with good foot pads it will be solid.

For JPN style arcade sticks (ball top, short throw), I can play from my lap but, I prefer something solid underneath it.

For American/European style arcade sticks, it’s almost mandatory for me to either put it on the floor or have it strapped to a chair.


You need a heavier stick. You prob won’t have that problem as much with a Hori VLX or Qanba Dragon. Even with other sticks just add weight to it. Sticky bottomed tire weights work well and I’ve even heard of people using play-do to make the stick heavier.


i got a mayflash v2 its kinda heavy man fight sticks arnt very convenient i know that


It sounds like you are just being way to rough. The box shouldn’t move around much, if at all.

I always play on my lap. I used to use one of those dinner trays, had the legs cut down so it was a nice height when I sat in my gaming chair. But then when I would go to a mates place I wouldn’t have that luxury. I then started playing with it on the floor but got bad neck ache. And I tried making a fold up table small enough to carry around, but then I always felt like i was the table guy. I now just sit comfortably an put it on my lap. Closer to my knees than my stomach. And its better than any other thing I have tried. For me at least.


well i play on my bed prob the mattress is whats messing it up it has nothing to do with me being rough


It could be the mattress. But if you sit with your legs hanging off the bed and the stick on your knees you should be fine. I just mentioned being rough because you said it moves around. And that you liked it in the arcades because of how strong they were mounted.

You also mentioned you mess up sometime with a slight bump. Do you mean you mess up button presses or you mess up the joystick motion. Because that can also be improved buy the way you plant the heels of your palms on the top of the fight stick box.


I think you mentioned your wife or something getting a huge bonus recently? You should invest in a suitable playing area if you really take your fighting games seriously. Playing on the bed isn’t the best way to play. A nice desk/table to set the monitor and a good gaming chair. You don’t have to break the bank, just something that’s comfortable. I have a $50 table/desk from Ikea and an office chair I got for free from an old job. I had to buy a cushion that relieves the pressure on your tailbone when sitting, but other than that it’s been awesome. With this cushion, any chair would be comfortable to sit in for a long time. You can find them for like 18 bucks on Best of luck man!


well i prob will get a desk cause atm i’m on a cheap laptop. with my new desktop shes buying me, ill have it set up in living room and can either set it on the ground, or like you said prop onto a desk ect.