Getting Used to an Arcade Stick


If I played with an Xbox 360 pad for about a year, how long should it take me to get my tech skill with an arcade stick up to the level of my pad play?


There’s no answer to this, and it will vary wildly from person to person.

Also, note that statements like “It took me three months to get used to stick” are basically meaningless, because that doesn’t tell you if the person was playing 4 hours a day, every day, or one hour a day, once a week. Plus, everyone’s definition of what it means to be “comfortable” on a stick is different.

How many hours do you think it took you to get to your current level on pad? I wouldn’t expect it to take much less to learn stick.


Yeah, I was wondering something similar to OP’s question. I just got my stick in the mail a few days ago, and I’m primarily a UMVC3 player, so I’m trying to get used to it now. Are there any methods people use to get used to playing on a stick?



Once I would get to the point of frustration I would shut the game off and do drills on the stick with out the game, and just bullshit around with it. Learn how it feels in your hands. the sound of the clicks, ect. experiment with different hand positions so you can figure out whats best for you. Even type messages to other players using the stick. Basically make the stick an extension of yourself.


Find a comfortable way to hold the stick first and then do execution drills everyday. How long it takes to get comfortable with a stick will vary from how much you play.


Practice is the key. In my case, it took me a month to get used to it (playing at least 3 hours each day). It’s awkward at first, but once you get the hang of it, it’s very satisfying!


For me transition got easier, took me a few weeks. But only if I use right arm for direction and left for buttons, mainly due to usage of keyboard before. it is more comfortable crossing arms than switching stick side. I use keyboard once in a while if my finger gets blisters from stick or so as not to forget it (not going to carry a stick everywhere). had I I used a pad with just the left thumb for directions it would have been a lot more difficult.
I never used a pad for playing FG, except the Dreamcast which was very awkward.

By transition I mean of course being able to use a stick the exact same way I used the keyboard, except very few cases. Not that I am that good or ultra fast. there is a difference.


I used to play pad.
Then got a stick.
I can’t go back lol
Just keep using it and messing with it.
Eventually movements and positioning is going to become second nature.


Took me like 4 months to get used to it. Just grind it out:tup:


Took me a year to get used to it!(SSFIIT of course), with easier fighting games like sfiv took me around 3 months, but of course i don’t mind/don’t like to play sfiv games anymore.


Yeah it takes awhile to get used to,but once you get the hang of it you’ll never wanna go back to pad.

I used to play pad and I absolutely hated it…then I made the best investment ever.I bout a Madcatz SSF4 TE Stick and its wonderful lol .Took me like about 3-4 months to get really comfortable with it.

If you just put in a lot of time into it and play a lot you’ll love stick and realize how much easier it is to use stick than pad .