Getting used to Arcade Sticks

Well, I just recently got my first arcade stick, the Hori DOA4 arcade stick. Thing is, I’ve been a pad user all my life and I’m having a bitch of a time playing with the stick. Does it typically take a while for people to get used to it?

yeah it takes a while. give it like a month or two.

believe me, i started out on pad just like you.

I’m mostly a console gamer, so yes. It’ll take you a whie to get used to the stick, but trust me. It’s worth it.

It takes a while, but it’s well worth it.

Yeah man, dont give up. Actually, I dont even have my own stick, I got used to it from playing a lot at friends house. Before all of that, I used to bring my own pad.

The conversion overall is tough. My motto is:

“Once you go stick…you wont to bick…”

It took me quite a while to get used to stick, and I’ve gotta say its a whole lot better than the pads I’ve been using.

But I still can’t play MvC2 right without a DC controller in my hand. ;o

I feel your pain, im in the process right now like you, Ive had my sticks for about 3 months. at first i couldnt even pull an hadouken off, but after consistently playing it, you will start to feel it coming to you. I am still not quite comfortable on it though, sometimes it gets extremly frustrating, for example, you work on a combo in training mode, it comes out perfectly, but after trying to repeat it, it doesnt come out, Im guessing its fatigue, i dont know, but when i stop playing and come back refreshed, it comes out so easily. Just keep at it, and dont over work yourself. good games that can speed up the process are MvC2 and the other versus series games, because you do do much swift movements in them, it shoudl help alot if you can get use to playing marvel on an arcade stick. also doing the magic series in marvel helps you get more familiar faster with the button placement,. so you never have to look down at your stick(kind of like keyboarding).

It’ll take a few weeks, but you’ll get better with the stick then you ever were with a pad.

Oh man I’m suffering the reverse, I haven’t owned a console in a good year and half yet I still play all the time at the arcades. So I’m pretty good with stick but I tried playing MvC2 on DC controller and completely sucked, couldn’t even qcf correctly sometimes, man I’m really out of the consoles. Maybe when I get a steady amount of money for some spending I’ll get a used DC and a copy of Marvel (if I can fine it :p)

What everyone else said. Just hold the stick however it’s comfortable for you, keep playing, you’ll get it. There are no real tricks or anything, it just takes time.

I still sucked with a stick a month or two after I made the switch, and I didn’t think I’d ever get better at it… but it just happens. You’ll get better with a stick, and you’ll never ever want to touch a pad again.

I hold the stick kinda weird…

I wrap my thumb, pointer and middle fingers around the ball, my pinky and ring around the stick…will that hurt my game?

IMO, you’ll get swifter movements if you fold your pinky and ring finger in, away from the stick.

Just play however’s comfortable. I’ve seen people hold the stick in every way imaginable and still effectively kick ass.

I hold the ball with my thumb, index, and middle finger, and I fold my ring and pinky in. My friend holds the stick like you do. I’ve seen a bunch of people hold the stick between their middle and index fingers with their palm turned up.

Just pick something comfortable and stick with it and you’ll be totally fine, I promise.

yea, thats true, there is this dude at my arcades who plays MvC2 by positioning that gap between the thumb and index fingers around the upper most part of the stick, and pretty much motions the stick by moving his whole hand…its wierd, but hes so damn good at the game.

Im in the same boat, and reading this thread is a breath of fresh air. Is there really a huge difference between a bat and ball, cause I have a ball stick.

I was wondering if anyone plays cross-handed and knows a few tips on better management of it since my friend is picking up stick and plays cross. I know there has to be at least a few of you guys who does it.

um, what is cross handed?:sweat:

Using the stick with your right hand, and using the buttons with your left.

wow, and people are effective using the sticks like that? I guess whatever floats the person’s boat, man, I would love to see someone play like that.:tup:

With balltop I own, when I go to my arcades, I suck horribly with the stupid stiff-ass bat top. I can shoshosho with Sak with ball, bat I can’t…