Getting used to Arcade Sticks

i’m only comfortable on my own custom sticks.

Ball vs bat mattered when I first made the switch… now I barely notice it when I switch from HAPPs at FFA to my Sanwas at home. You just get used to everything.

I’ve never seen someone play cross-handed, that sounds awesome.

I always figured leftys played cross-handed, but I’m probably wrong.

Im a lefty and im not cross-handed:wink:

i did play against a guy that was cross-handed at T5 and he was pretty good.

Im a lefty, i dont play cross-handed though, im a wierd lefty though, the only thing i do with my left hand is write, everything else i do with my right hand, its wierd.

I don’t know how else I can play w/o a pad.

I grew up in the arcades…went to arcades for over a decade…and yet joysticks have never felt more comfortable that a d-pad for me. I prefer the arcade button set-up…especially since most console controllers today have crap-ass button setups…but I still need the d-pad.

The only sticks I was ever able to do well with were the 360 sticks at Mindboggle Charlotte (before it was shut down) and the CvS2 machine at my school.
Japanese sticks are precise but too damn small for my gaijin hands, and American sticks…well, I’ll just mention the old SRK quote: “Japanese sticks are like writing with a ball-point pen…American sticks are like writing with those giant Kindergarten crayons with the tops chopped off”.

Don’t worry about, I’m sure we all had our fair share of trying to get attuned to using sticks. I remember I couldn’t even block right and everytime I try to do a super or shoryuken…I jump.

Just keep playing with it, you’ll naturally learn how to hold the stick and press the buttons to your likings.

I’ve always played with a battop and never a balltop. Never touched a balltop in my life actually.

We’ll see how it turns out after I get my balltop stick made. :[

Sticks are mad easy…or maybe i say that because i was playing sf2 on a stick when i was seven…either way i can use bat and ball top, the only issue i ever have on a stick is when i let my nail grow too long…i press the buttons with my fingertips, and with me nails it makes my hand flatter, which can lead to random tags in MvC2 and random QS in KofXI… :sad:

i prefer the pad to the stick… however i can admit that there are things that are easier to do on the stick as opposed to the pad (kara throws, Hyper hops and so on) so its worth learning… although these things can be done on the pad as well… using a stick isnt going to make you better at fighting games… its all about what feels more comfortable to you in the end

Trim them?

I just want to take a moment to mention just how much of a sign of the times this thread is. People seem to be predominantly used to D-pads these days, and that just blows me away. I’m not even old, and when I started out it was considered very weird to prefer a pad over a stick.

On the downside, it’s reflective of just how low in popularity arcades are these days. On the upside, it means there’s still a lot of new players out there, getting better everyday. The scene is alive, even if it isn’t at the arcade anymore.

in the B3 video (chekc the sticky thread), the intro shows a dude playing like that…

Maybe he likes his beautiful nails.

my nails just grow long as hell and hard as fuck on their own because i don’t bite them, but after a get my ass kicked to some scrub while i’m high i cut them…i was just saying is all…i’m about to cut them now, it took me WAAAAAAAAAAAAY too long to type this short ass post

Right now I’m going from battop to balltop. After I get Dreaded Fists custom in the mail its gonna be a new battle for me. The only time I used a sanwa was back in the Pacman days and recently in Tekken 5. I actually was doing pretty swell with the balltop.

Like most of have said, once you play on stick for a certain amount of time it all seems the same. I was always intrigued to play a lot more on a balltop because they just look fancier.

I just don’t get how people are used to playing on pads. I mean, there hasn’t been a good pad since the ASCII Dreamcast pads that came out with the release of CvS1. Those were beautiful and were some of the best pads I ever played on. After that, the fighters started migrating to the PS2 and I had to make the transition.

Question to the beautiful people of SRK:

Are regular PS1 PCBs compatible with PS-to-DC converters?

I got a Sanwa from D-Fist a year ago. Prior to then, I had only used regular Happs bat tops.

I still can’t use that fucking Sanwa.

A lot of people swear by them, but I just can’t use them.

On the subject of switch handed players, wouldn’t a left-handed player be more apt to play “normal”? The stick definitely makes more use of the hand than the buttons do. I’d assume they’d want the dominant hand on the stick (no homo).

As a side note, every cross-handed player I’ve ever seen has been Mexican.

Yeah, I hear in Mexico on the 2nd player side some cabs have the stick and buttons reversed. Incredibly bizarre.

Interesting thread, as im in the exact same position, i played fighting games for many many years, but always with gamepads. Then when Tekken 5 came out i bought the Anniversary edition with the Hori stick as i wantd to give it a try. But i also have a hard time doing moves correctly and getting used to it :wink:

Looks like it just needs some time to get used to.

i played fighting games with pads from about 94 until 04. on a pad, my execution was terrible. i had trouble buffering, hell, even doing SRKs. Then I got a Hori Fighting Stick and had more problems with QCs but everything else became a lot easier.