Getting used to arcade sticks

I just got my HRAP EX today and it’s a pretty awesome joystick. It’s been a long time since I’ve used an arcade joystick so it feels very weird playing with this instead of the standard controller. For those new to arcade sticks, was it weird for you to get used to these sticks? I have a lot of trouble performing shoryukens because it feels very strange on my left hand doing the zig-zag shape (I’m right handed). I also feel I don’t have complete control over it because it’s so strange. Any tips and would it be better for me to swap out the square with an octagonal restrictor plate?

i hate srk

just play on it

Practice makes perfect. Personally I’d probably just drop an octagon gate in there. But it might be better to get used to the square.

You did it on a controller fine with your left hand, so you can do it on a joystick fine with your left hand.

Your muscle memory will build up over time. Practice. Play using it.

You wont get used to it. Just quit.

Just keep using it…like everything else, it will take a bit to get use to it. If it really doesn’t work out for you, I guess you can always sell the stick.

One thing that you might want to try is playing with your left hand on the buttons and your right crossed over top on the stick. It’s an unconventional style that I saw in a video once but I found I can play certain characters better that way.

But yea it’s an adjustment, even when you go from one stick to another. I just got a HRAP EX today after having the Hori EX2 and I’m back to missing basic moves again but the time to remaster it will be worth it.

I just joined the HRAP EX club today also. My first serious arcade stick. The real first stick I got was the X-arcade. After reading through SRK, I made a good decision to return it and get one of these instead. Difference was truly phenomenal.

Much like you, I felt some moves weren’t coming out a smoothly as I’m use to, back in the Arcade days, but after a few hours of hacking at it, it was coming back to me.

I thought I may have trouble with the square gate also, but after a while I got use to it. I may get the octagonal gate in the future to test it out, but so far so good. So I would suggest giving it some really good practice before deciding on an Octagonal gate.

This thing is friggin sweet!

you have got to do your shoryukens like pushups. 100 reps a day in training mode, both directions. You must defeat Shen Long to stand a chance…

i personally think square gates make doing dp’s a lot easier cause i can always find down forward really easily. the way i learned to play on stick at first was picking up a charge character and it worked out really well for me.


also what i did was like … shoryuken, hadouken, shoryuken… repeat and switch it up, learn to do it on command. it will become just a natural motion and you wont even think about doing it.

the game shouldnt be about the ability to do a move. but rather when to.

I’m still messing with my SE Stick and I got used to it pretty damn quick. I can pull off every special move, but now it’s all about learning “execution” I think is what some of the pros around here call it. Still I can pull off all my moves about 90 maybe 85% of the time at my very worst. The stick didn’t jar me as much as the buttons. But I’m a pretty skilled typer so i sort of just equated it to that and once I did, I got much much better.

Stick this…stick that. Button technique is so unerrated.

I have similar trouble with my own arcadestick w. square gate, just finished it a couple days ago and I can’t do srk, hdk ect. consistently when facing forward/right. If I jump over the opponent, to the right side of the screen, and thus facing reverse/left, I can do everything spot on somehow. So the inward motion is alot easier for me than outward.
So I’m working on copying my own lefthand inward motion to do the same in the other direction, and…sigh…I guess it’s just practice…

Also, I have sanwa OBSN-30 buttons and they respond just by light touch, so timing is a little different (later) from dpad buttons


You can mod your hrap so that it’s easier for you to do those commands. You have to do the bottom first and then unscrew the inside so you can lift the face plate and then let me know when you see the actual stick part and the buttons (might as well rearrange the buttons so they make sense too ya know)

Pretty much what everyone else here has said : practice practice practice.

I got my SF4 FS SE less than a week ago, and i’ve just been practicing common motions with it.

Practice a lot, get down the motions, then move onto stringing them together on command. Don’t forget to leave practice mode and try ‘vs cpu’ or arcade every so often, since there’s quite the difference between pulling things off in a controlled environment and on the fly.

Just start every play session with 10 or 15minutes in training mode, working on repeated motions that you have trouble with.

And don’t just stand there either…practice those moves landing from a jump, just after another move, etc…

Keep this up and in a few weeks it will be like second nature.

Don’t mind the people in here telling you to quit, etc…they are just mad at the influx of noobs.

I had never used a square gate JLF before I got my TE (just my SFII T standup in my garage, which has Happ stuff, and my buddies JLF with an Octo). Had the TE for two days and I dunno what all the fuss is about: I didn’t miss a beat… if anything it’s much MORE accurate than anything I’ve used previously.

My best friend and I have always had a rivalry in SF, He as Ryu and myself as Sagat… I’m proud to say that while he can’t even throw a Hadoken with the JLF, I’m landing Tiger Knees with a ferocity.

Keep at it: The “squareness” is all in your mind.

I’m in the same boat. Got my HFS3 last Friday, and I think I’m finally getting the hang of SRK’s. I still can’t do them as quick as I can on a pad but I’m getting there. Jumping and back I’m also finding pretty weird. I’ve never used a stick before so it’s a whole new experience for me.