Getting used to arcade sticks

You’re a good man Parabellum. SRK needs an attitude flush. :lol: Years and years of this genre being a small time, niche genre and the moment it finally becomes accepted and possibly even grow people find ways to push people out. :3 (The peak was what, a decade ago?)

The DP motion is the only one that causes me issues OP. I’m trying to figure out why, because the only way I can get a DP off perfectly, is to TOUCH the corner of the gate for my final DF motion. But I don’t have to do this to do Fireballs (QCF’s).

If I don’t have to touch the corner to do a Fireball, then it’s something in my technique, because the fireball requires the DF input to execute. Thus it could be we’re “working too hard” to achieve the final result. It has to be a much more, subtle motion. Which means a ridiculous amount of practice is needed.

Good luck man.

LOL good way to put it.

Hey, thanks.

The funny part is that I signed up in Feb 09…but I did NOT come here for SF4…I came here for stick modding info…and only once I was here did I realize that SF4 was about to launch.

I don’t have cable TV…so it wasn’t like I saw a bunch of TV ads or whatever…I was totally focused on HDR…but you can bet that I have SF4 on pre order with next day shipping. :lol:

Good info

I just picked up my first fight stick, I am a PS3 gamer so I picked the Hori Real Arcade Pro 3, only had a an hour to work with it so far, played a little SFIIHDR, so I see the same things the OP is talking about. However, I heard that switching from controllers to joysticks would take some getting used too, so I didn’t expect instant gratifcation. When I get off work tonight I’ll be picking up SFIV as well, so I will have some time to practice on that as well. All I can say is practice modes are godsend, even current and upcoming gen fighting games should have them.

yup, quoting meself :slight_smile:

so, I played 2 hours of SFA3, and stuff is beginning to come out facing forward/right (outward motion, away from handpalm). So I’m starting to dig this square gate on my Sanwa JLW.
Still have trouble with pulling out DP on the fly, at least during a match.

Guess everybody knows what they’re talking 'bout when they say ‘practice’

no people just need to learn how to search for shit. i’ve seen this question asked every week at most.