Getting used to the KoF system, KoFXII or 2002:UM?

I’m keen on picking up XIII when it hits console (I’m assuming it’s not silly to assume this)

I’ve never really played a KoF before so a bit of practice before it lands would be nice. My question is, do I pick up XII (they’re practically giving this game away now) or do I wait for 2002:UM on XBLA (any more info on dates been given for this?)


Get both cause there is some characters in XII that are not in 2002um and vise versa. Plus some characters play different in XIII like Ralf,Andy,Mature,Kensou,Chin,Iori and Robert that resembles more of the XII play style than 2002um.

I agree with Mr. strikefreedom. Most of the KOF games are pretty fun and addictive so just pick up both titles. Also get neogeo battle coliseum while I’m at this.

Both of them are correct get both, get KOFXI while you are at it so you got all your holes covered, Kyo, Iori, Kensou, Duo Lon, Ash, Mature, Elizabeth, Ralf, Clark, Terry, Shen,Ryo, Robert, Raiden,Kensou, Chin, Andy and all of the characters in KOFXII are going to resemble their KOFXII counterparts so learning KOFXII the best you can will not hurt, only thing changing really in 13 besides a complete roster is the system, so knowing the characters in 12 will not hurt you.

Knowing the characters in KOFXI will not hurt either, because alot of the characters in XI though in 13 will have their moves back like in XI, thus knowing Elizabeth in KOFXI will not hurt either because she will play a combination of XI Elizabeth and XII Elizabeth in KOF 13.

Don’t spend your money, save it for XIII, LIVE or play in your arcade. Learn the system in GGPO and wait to learn character specifics when XIII hits console. If you want XII or 2002UM anyway, mmm…, get 2002UM (a must have now) and pray for a good netcode.

Picked up a copy of XII for pennies.

I’m liking the underlying mechanics of the game, it feels sharp like BB but with the hit impact of SF. Seems to promote good spacial awareness as the characters all seem very no frills, which I like.

I can see why people were pissed at paying top dollar for this when it came out initially, it feels like a demo or a £10 XBLA game. It’s so bare bones, presentation is terrible and only 5 unique background! What puzzles/annoys me the most, why the hell are all the sprites so low resolution!?? Make such a big deal of the hand-crafted sprites and they’re all jaggerific, mind boggled.

Still enjoyable though and like I say, the actual game is solid. If XIII can improve on this (are the sprites higher resolution or the same?) then I have high hopes.

not zoomed in at close range and seems to have better filters

xii was fine at far distances so it should be generally good in XIII

Ah I see, the sprites do look as if created at a resolution to suit the zoomed out view, forgetting they need to be upscaled when it zooms in.

If you do not want to get your ass handed to you when XIII drops you better pick up KOF XII. Anything else is just wasting time. This is a continuation game of learned animations, this is not a new game. Forewarned is forearmed.


I play a combination of 2002 UM and KOF XII to get ready for KOF XIII. 2002 UM because some of the characters from there are being added to KOF XIII; and KOF XII because obviously it’s the closest to KOF XIII in terms of the characters and feel of the whole game. Then I play KOF '98 and NeoGeo Battle Coliseum just for fun. It helps execution anyway. KOF XI is also fun. But I think you’ll be fine if you mainly stick to KOF XII. Only problem is there’s no one to play with. They did improve the netcode for it but I’m not sure if it’s a lot better.