Getting within range

It seems like Spencer is a character whose attacks are mostly close range, with the hook working to get the enemy closer (or yourself closer to the enemy), but I’m having a hard time getting the hook to work properly.

When I try to grab someone, he either evades/blocks it really easily because it’s really slow. Should I just keep it to combo and use assists/rolls to get closer?

Am I wrong in thinking that? Or am I supposed to somehow play long range?

Maybe I just need more practice? :slight_smile:

Use your Arm Zip…that’s your way in. Literally should not have ANY problem getting in. Of course, just don’t use it like an idiot, otherwise you’ll get blasted by random ass hypers.

But with his Zip, his mobility is boosted TREMENDOUSLY. Even after your BnB combos, you can stay in very easily.

Arm Zip with an assist is your best asset

but if you honestly want a legit way to get in?

If you’re not complete full screen, Sentinel Drones assist then Bionic Arm. The drones assist keep them in block stun so that it makes Bionic Arm safe. uses up a bar, but it lets you in puts you right in the opponents face.

Dont spam sentinal, although he is the best assist for everyone in the game their are equally good assist or just good ones.
A slow ryu magic/Akuma my favorite Doom rocks, Amy cold star, Hosien Ko, Modok there are alot that can work but slow moving projectiles are best bec with air zip u can jump cancel to swing in front or in the back of them air zip diagonal etc.

Dont spam the assist bec players tend to punish them when seeing them alot if they are playing zone’ish or keep away, if that happens try punishing them with Bionic arms or just random air zip. All we need now is some kind of invincible start up move or something to use when using Air zip without our assist.

But for the looks of the combo thread Spencer has alot of punishment from full range compare to alot of characters :qcf::l:,:h:,:qcf::s:, into supers is so wonderful, the amount of times i catch them with :qcf::l: in a match is so good…

Sentinel Drones assist with Air Zip isn’t just a way to get in… It’s a pretty ghetto runaway tactic as well. But this is your best bet to get in. There are a lot that work but they have to cover a good horizontal space and not be too fast (Doom Plasma Beam for instance is a bit too fast). The only exception is Doom’s Hidden Missiles which are called “Hidden” for a reason.

I don’t know how relevant this is and I am just a beginner but I discovered this last night…

NOrmally if you use H to pull someone in from a zip grab they will recover fast enough that you can’t really do any thing afterwards.

However, if you do Super Skrulls AA assist and then pull them in, they will get pulled in to his combo. You can then do a standard launcher combo in to aerial rave and go nuts!

I’m sure this works with plenty of other assists too.

It does, and pulling into an assist is honestly the way I see it being used effectively. When it connects, mash an assist out, they can get hit by the assist, and they’re brought right to you ready to be pounded on.

It works the other way around with Spencer’s zip assist and another point character too: Have Spencer bring the enemy to your point character, then start wailing on them with a point character’s combo.

SO I’ve been trying to main spencer and I love him couple of things I’ve noticed about getting in. I use Doom as my assist and can’t decide between rocks and missles. A good trick to do with spencer, short hop call assist zip lines. If you zip line straight across u cross up for assist, however if u zip straight up you can cancle the zip early with an air attack (heavy) which hits as an overhead and is comboable afterwards. Makes for some strong mix-ups.

The best use of zip line i’ve seen by far is the use of ziping to the cieling cause its cancellable. There are also hitboxes on charcters that u can zip and punish if they get hit by it.

A side note or two, if you do the grapple to pull in you can combo afterwards by doing the armor piercer, but timing is tight. You can also combo off his forward heavy with armor piercer as well. I am also a fan of using c.l,m,h,assist,f.h,dash magic series and so on. This is more of a block string type set as it mixes in high and low effectively while being relatively safe.

I have yet to use spencers command grabs in matches, I never seem to get a chance, I think my best bet is after one of their chars die or something. Game is to fast for such a shortranged command grab.

Here is my problem you guys might help me with. So far i’ve done alright with my wolvie/spencer/doom team, but spencer seems to get raped by lockdown. What can i do against dante/deadpool/trish lock downs, with decent assist. Prolly alot others but those are main ones on line. His jabs seem way to slow to punsh anything. The one thing I haven’t tried is armor piercer, it should be super fast at close range, should this be my punisher to openings to fast for jab? I got some offline matches I will practice this kind of stuff with saturday but hoping to get some input.

Bionic Lancer, lots and lots of it.

You’d be surprised at what you can punch right through with it.

Truth. Invincible for first 11 frames. However, it loses to sentinel low beams. Anyone know why?

It’s like you said, it’s only invincible for the first 11 frames. Anything after, you will lose.

If you do the bionic lancer too far away, you’ll lose to any beam.

Nah, at start up it loses to sent ground laser. Try it, total bs.

I tried it, it pretty much beat sent’s crouching laser at all distances.

I am thinking about abandoning Spencer, he seems to be more of a liability than he is worth, what with his telegraphed “air dashes” (in the form of zip line.)

Does any body know any good assists to provide Spencer with coverage and give him combo opportunities off of zip line + H?

I have been using Skrull and TaskMaster but none of their assists really fit the bill.

I am looking for something that will protect Spencer, at least a bit, and also provide him with the combo beginning that he needs to go in to aerial rave or his OHKO nonsense…

I am really struggling to use Spencer effectively

Hey, that’s my team!

I use horizontal arrows for Taskmaster’s assist and Tenderizer for Skrull. Skrull’s is situation, and I more often use Taskmaster’s just for the forward pressure it provides.

I don’t really “protect” Spencer. His damage is godlike, so I like to keep him on offense. If I’m getting pressured, I like to pushblock then zip. The zip puts you at even frame advantage, which is better than being at frame disadvantage against a solid pressure game. Pushblock zip also moves them toward the corner, where Spencer’s more frightening combos are available.

I love Iron mans Unibeam when Im trying to get in. if the opponent is sitting back a little bit, call unibeam, Zip across, the unibeam is so meaty, that it can cross up while your opponent blocks it, giving you a free in.

thats just my team though.

But what do you do to get ‘in’? With skryll and tm, what do you do to get in and apply pressure? Don’t you find that people can box you out with projectiles and zoning, and AA?

I find that when on offense with Spencer it’s often difficult to score even one hit…

You can swing up to 3 times in the air and in so many directions. Just try swinging around abit spastic and call assist at the same time, Maybe you can confuse them for a sec, and take them off the game. You gotta make whatever is workign for them, stop working!

^ this is how I win right now.

  1. Super jump, Zip forwards, then Zip backwards, then Zip down.
    2.hit currently (hopefully) mindfucked opponent.

the Zip line is really the way in, you just gotta cover yourself with an assist most of the time. its a hit too so the assist could possibly combo giving you frame advantage when you close in. Ive had zip beat some hypers trying to punish me calling an assist.

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