Getting worse at SF4



So recently I’ve been having a bit of slump in my gameplay online. I’ve been playing SF4 for a few years and used to do pretty well. Lately though, I’ve been playing worse and have been losing a lot more frequently these days. Although people keep telling me that offline vs. online is completely different, it’s hard to convince myself otherwise. I feel like it’s an issue with my playstyle instead.

I’ll admit that I have lost a bit of passion for the game and play it less than before (which could account for others improving in their game while I have gone stagnant) in addition to the added lag. But I can’t help but feel discouraged with my recent performances online.

I dislike making excuses for my poor performance and don’t like blaming the lag/online environment, but I feel like there’s more to the story as well. I’m definitely looking to improve but I was just wondering if anybody else went through something similar? And how you felt was the best way to deal with it?

Just a bit of background, I frequent streams and matches of top level players and also take the time to reflect on my losses. I think having a different pair of eyes analyze my play would be helpful but it is not an option at the moment. I’m a Ryu player but have several other pocket characters (sort of having a character crisis as well) and used to range around the low-mid 3000’s PP but now linger around the low-mid 2000’s.

Thanks for listening.


First of all, It’s thanks for reading not listeling :smiley:

Second, that’s normal. You have been gone quite a while and now you wanna “unrust” yourself. Pratice for a few days with friends or offline to get back on track and you will see that it will be the same.

Although, here’s some things. If you actually feel demotivated because of the game you should take some time off, at least online. You shouldn’t play if you are not having fun (that’s the whole point of the game).

About the character crisis, I don’t know what to say. If you feel that due to the losses you are encountring it is what I said before about taking a time off and reflect about it (and experience some other character, because that usually works for me).

This is what I think because in TTT2, a couple of months ago, I’ve got my slice handed to me more than usual and some players weren’t even that good (spammers). I have had also taken a break from Tekken but now I’m back with the same characters and practicing new moves :).

Hope this helps! And sorry for possible bad english.


It really is completely different. You’ll never really know until you experience it. Some players lose a taste for online altogether…

The treatment for losing is usually simple. Play a match (or watch a replay) and look for when you get hit. If you ever find yourself asking “How do I beat this?” or “This is too OP” or swearing or whatever, it means you have a hole in your game that you haven’t patched.

You have to do research, spend time in training mode with the record/playback dummy, and ask questions on forums to patch that hole. You have to do it with every hole you find, too.

The thing is, this is boring and tedious. If you don’t have a passion for the game, and/or you don’t have a fondness for your character, you’re just going to play and not really practice and focus seriously. (I am 100% guilty of this right now. Lesgo Ultra…)

It’s really about putting in work. What you give is what you get and if you don’t have love for the game you’re not gonna give very much.


Thank you for the responses guys. Really appreciate it!


Maybe you’re just in the process of getting better, sound crazy? Hear me out

Every-time you come across new tech be it frame traps, footsies tools, oki experimentation, combos ect, you’re in the process of executing something completely foreign to what you’re used to doing. For instance, my footsies have increased drastically recently but since I was so focused on attacking from a different angle (during the process of trying out new shit), my anti-airs were a lot less on point making me susceptible to losing to things I never would have lost to a month ago. However, a new avenue opens up allowing me to beat the types of high-level players I never would have been able to do recently. During the process of learning new footsy tools, nothing is second nature and until it becomes second nature I’m not going to completely reap the benefits. So yeah, maybe I had a 60% or higher loss rate when I was trying out new shit, but now I magically leaped from 2800 pp to 3700 pp in a few days. I suspect that this will happen again in the future, 2 steps forward 1 step back rinse and repeat

Either that or you’re not experimenting and trying to fix holes in your game while everyone else is

If you have a bad connection to a player that beat you, I think it’s totally okay to attribute lag to the outcome. As a Dudley player, my character is very centered around whiff punishing and hitting high execution 1f links to maximize on the openings I score. There are a ton of games that I lost because a lag spike would ruin my overhead follow up that would result in a win against someone shameless mashing or the input delay makes it impossible to whiff punish a poke I have no problem whiff punishing offline. If a Dudley player complains about his lack in the midrange game, chances are they don’t play offline enough. It’s the hipster thing to say that blaming lag is a scrub thing to do, but some characters by design are naturally more affected by lag than others. In the end it doesn’t matter if you lost online, it just matters that you played well, had good reads, progressed, and sometimes know full well that the outcome would have been different offline

TL;DR Don’t worry about getting the wins, just worry about getting better and leveling up your game


You are just stuck in a rut with your character and have ran out of ideas on what to do, and people have figured you out. Take a break from that character and play other characters of different playstyles. You will find being forced to play differently than you do now will allow you to play differently than you did before, even with your own main.