Getting your friends better..?

OK i know its a wierd question but…If i dont get better comp im not going to get better.

My friends just plain suck.One only does special moves and no normals with dudley. :xeye: He a boxer for crying out loud he punches people.

My other friend is combo intensive.If its not a combo he wont do it.Now this isnt bad per say but hes become soo predictable its not even funny.

Anyone got any suggestions?

If people aren’t interested in improving you can’t force them. I think most people just don’t care, they like to have fun hitting the buttons until they get bored - the competition and improvement aspect isn’t compelling to them or something.

find new comp. unless you have fun whooping their asses all the time…I personally would get bored of that quick

easier said than done. i basically have NO competition right now, not even my few friends who actually enjoy the game. my competition is the CPU, which doesn’t help me get better because i don’t have to get better against them.

well if you really have no comp and your friends suck, but you don t wanna use/don t have the money to travel to good comp often, don t sandbag, thats number one.
thats how people start thinking they re the “gift” to 3rd strike, also IMO it makes you inconsistent instead of constantly having a “procedure” for every character or whatever to push out wins. having no comp sucks ass :frowning:

hit them in the back of a head with dildo!

Teaching Throws: Beat a person with nothing but throws
Teaching High-Low: Beat a person with nothing but overheads
Teaching Cross-Ups: Beat a person with nothing but cross-ups…
Teaching Meaty hits: Beat a person with nothing but wake-up sweeps?

Hey, it worked for me.

Haha, I think your only hope is the friend that only likes combos. I myself started to play 3s because of the flashy combos involved. Against the scrubs I’d do so well and kick their ass all the time.

It is when I started playing against good players that I realized it is harder to get the first hit of the combo to connect that actually pulling out the combo. That’s what motivated me to actually excel in other components of the game. Now I’ve improved to be a pretty decent 3s player. I hope this advice helps =)

I know this might sound like whack, but tell them to watch some 3rd strike combo videos and try to experiment to do something like those in the videos with slight vary-ups

Just as long as you don’t evolve one of your friends into a shirt stripping Ken player that runs around your house causing ruckus then you’re fine.

Tell them to use common sense when they play and not rely on technical shiet. Soon, they’ll evolve off your gameplay and become actual challengers for you, which is how I became a challenge to my friend. And tell the dudley guy, use a different character.

I agree. Show people videos of what the game looks like at a higher level and that will usally generate interest.

The TOSF parry video usally works. :tup:

Luckily with my friend, it was like Ryu and Ken, and wed learn off each other.
If we read about something or seen something, wed go home and experiment with it and work it to death.
Then we made a pact to not use shotos for awhile to work on other chars. I went strictly gief since. He dabbled in all of them.
If I pick other chars, its a toss up, if I take gief, I can usually wax em up.
But it works.
Gotta work on diff stuff. Working on combos is good so when you do get that opening, you utilize it to the max.
But I specifically went awhile with gief without using any throws. To work on my normals. That alone through everyone off cuz theyd fear the SPDs. Now they aint coming. Then I went back to it. I usually play offense, but ill switch to d and throw people off.
I dunno.
Then theres just some people that WILL NOT get better.
my other friend. We all started playing same time, He was on par with us.
Nowadays he cant hold a candle. He plays often, but he just dont have that magic touch. reaction times arent as smooth. I guess he dont get it ingrained into instinct. Thats whats it all about to me. I dont think now when I use gief, hence i can look to the side and talk to someone and still land spds on decent people.

My friend and I used to push each other to get better; but then he got sick of trying to beat me. I’m gonna go crazy if I don’t get some good comp.

if at all possible let one of your friend who needs to get better borrow the game. often people are afraid of trying new things infront of others incase the mess up and think they will get embarressed. give them a chance to improve and try stuff out that won’t be dangerous for thei ego

They both have it.But yeah my combo friend really impressed me the other day. :clap:He was a parry machine(and he followed up much to my shagrin :sad:)I got rocked a few times.His makato is just nasty.>_< and his SAII combo takes to much :tdown:lol.Hes definalty getting better.

But sadly my other friend is just a useless waste.He doesnt stop complaining.This game sucks bla bla bla.Ken sucks bla bla :lame:
Any game hes sucks at is automatically the worst game ever.If its not cvs2 or crouching fierce fest of the millenium as Id like to call it he wont wanna play it.

Worst part is he swears hes the shit in cvs2 but never wants to go and play the best in miami.loser.