Getting Your Stick Through The AIRPORT?

Has bringing your stick through the airport to EVO World ever caused a scare or a problem for anyone before ??? This is the 1st time FLYING in and I just wanted a heads up…

  -D R B

Nah, just say that it’s a game controller and they should let you pass.

I have always wondered the same thing, and have had a friend travel from Arizona to Calfornia and carried on his Stick with no problems. Just to be safe though, I would suggest installing alternative bolting hardware to open the stick up without the use of tools just in case they ask to take a look inside.

I am assuming you have a Mas Stick, if you have another type of stick, then that may be harder to do.

Getting to the airport extra early just in case they give you problems would allow you to sort out the issue without missing your flight.

buy a small screw driver (i mean SMALL!) and put it in your carry on just incase.

i’m surprised this question doesn’t get asked enough. its a fairly important issue.

i’ve taken it in my carry-on bag several times and haven’t been bothered/asked any questions so far

yeah ive taken my stick and havent had any problems either

i flew to evo 2005 and 2006

just get there hella early and u wont have problems

Thanks everyone.

-D R B

Sorry to be late on the subject, but, I tell them ahead of time and let it go through carry on. They have yet to open it up for me… and I’m coming from Orlando.

arn’t screwdrivers a banned item? cause of the stabbiness?

i guess

I got a small (like 2 inch at most) screwdriver on the plane last year without any problems. It was a phillips head so I dont know if that’s the best tool for the “stabbiness”. I’m gonna need that screwdriver incase something happens while my stick is in the luggage. I dont think I’ll be as lucky as last year where there was a Lowes directly across from the hotel. I might just carry the stick on this time. I’m always afraid of being questioned but my bro has carried his on 2 times without any issues. Just haven’t had the guts to be a man about it yet I guess. Just dont want my stick thrown away and be stickless at the biggest event of the year.

I’ve flown with all manner of sticks, from MAS to big bulky home made boxes, and never had a single problem. I have noticed the security personnel exchange a few words over it as it passes through the X-Ray, but it’s easy for them to tell that it’s just a harmless video game controller.

it gets asked every year in fact theres already been a thread on it a couple months ago

Bump for relevance due to increased security.

Note that LAST year airport security from our Washington State to Nevada flights removed the screws from our MAS sticks. I would expect that other people with MAS sticks might have the same problem, and that you would want to either:
a) remove your screws in advance and put them in your checked baggage
b) keep them in but have extras in checked baggage
c) put your stick in your checked baggage

MAS sticks without those stoppers tend to slide around a lot for me at least, so – be careful not to lose those. =(

Also, at the point where it says ‘take your laptops out of your bag’ that includes sticks and consoles… the lady at the airport leaving las vegas threw a shitfit that I actually read the sign and removed my laptop from my bag… and sent my xbox and te through the scanner. One of the alternate things you can do is to just ship (UPS or FedEx) your luggage/sticks/whatnot to your hotel room, or back to your house. Save on hassle of carrying them through airports/taxis/whatever, and they will be (slightly) better taken care of.

Hmmm…that must just be at certain airports then. I’ve heard it’s a good idea to at least open up your bag so they can see the arcade stick but last year I decided to just say fuck it and keep the bag closed and no one said shit. It just depends on whether the airport personnel you’re dealing with is anal or not. Most aren’t.

I think you mean “weren’t”. Some dude just tried to blow up a plane with his underpants. I would expect that security will be ratcheted up another notch. SeaTac airport (our airport) already has these measures in place, so – be prepared. :tup:

Also travelling by train is an option.

I’ve never had a problem getting my stick through seatac or vegas airports, I just carry it in my arms and send it through the scanner and all is well. I’ll be bringing my stick FROM chicago(midway airport) on the 4rd so I’ll post how that goes.