Getto ass results for the ATL New Season Tournament at Arario

Happy B-Day to Taz as he returned to claim his crown as MvC2 champ in Arario’s Arcade. Taz beat Sora Arrington (Augusta’s Ga. best) to take the title back from his long absence. due to he didn’t have a job:confused: :eek: Also thanks to Team BAMA for showing up and representing. Thanks to Issac for running the MvC2 tournament for me.:slight_smile: He didn’t want to play so I had him run it for me. Here are the results:

1st Taz Dench
ArcadeMan +900 pts

2nd Sora Arrington
Tron li +450 pts

3rd Erik Wright
Pr0gn0sisnutsac +300 pts

4th Perry Griffin
+225 pts

5th Eric Jeffries
HaoGui +180 pts

5th Jay Moreno
Sorry As Hell +180 pts

7th Max Moore
50morecentz +129 pts

7th Stephen Walker
+129 pts

9th Black Fox
+100 pts


I won, so fucking what.:bluu: Here are the results:

1st Larry S. Dixon Jr.
ShinBlanka +1000 pts

2nd Don Mac
Black Thought +500 pts

3rd Valen Mai
Neo Exodeath +333 pts

4th Eric Jeffries
HaoGui +250 pts

5th Bruce Ota
+200 pts

5th Tay Garrett
+200 pts

7th Sora Arrington
Tron li +143 pts

7th Anthony Leach
+143 pts

9th John Williams
+111 pts

9th Micheal Jones
+111 pts

Thanks to everyone that came out and supported your local and not so local tournaments. (Players from Ky, BAMA, and Augusta, Ga.)

Due to the shitty attendence at this tournament the ATL Bi-Weekies are fucking dead for here on out.:bluu: I’m tired of wasting my time with tournaments that no one want’s to play in. When you have people playing the games before the tournament and when I ask them if they want to play they just say “NO” why should I continue?!?!?!?!?:confused: The owner on Arario’s arcade asked me if the entry fee was too high for the casual player to enter. See when I 1st started up at his arcade the tournament was $3 for each game, but now it’s $5 per game. With the entry fee at $5 it makes it worth it for people that are willing to travel to the ATL. I just don’t understand why people are afraid to enter tournaments? If you play a game and want to get better in it, then why in the hell won’t you enter the tournament?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? I can’t understand the SCRUB WAY OF THINKING that people have in this city. Why even play if you don’t want to be the best?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Well I have made up my mind and I ain’t changing it anytime soon.:bluu: When you have people come from out of town and you only have 9 people in your tournament then something is really wrong with your fighting game scene. The next tournament at Arario’s Arcade will be to qualify for the Ga. team for the big team tournament in November. The qualifier tournament will be on October 19, 2002 at North Point Mall. I hope people will attend this tournament or there won’t be a team for the host city. The ATL Bi-Weeklies are dead from here on out.


Oh yea, the last straw was that there was NO FUCKING 3S TOURNAMENT!!! I guess I will be going to more out of state tournaments now.:bluu: Now where can I go? I know about SC and will always go there, but they don’t have CvS2 or 3S.:frowning: I can’t go to Dothan because their tournaments are on Friday.:frowning: I guess it’s sucks for me. Oh well fuck it.:bluu:

Stephen Walker=Playboydojo=got his ass owned:lol:

Cut them down to monthly Larry. I guarantee there should be more attendance.

Why should I?:bluu: They still won’t come out. They will just find another reason to not come. I had one of my so called friends tell me that if the tournament was $3 (instead of $5) they would have played.:bluu: WTF is that shit?!?!?!?! Then they had the fucking nerve to ask me to play them after I won the tournament.:lame: I was like hell no bitch! You should have played in the tournament. So why should I still throw tournaments? With the sorry ass people here in one of the biggest cities in the USA I can’t get more than 6-8 people in my tournaments? 10 at the most lately. And no 3S?!?!?! that was the last fucking straw!:mad:

Okay, that does sound bad. I really don’t see how somebody can miss out on five bucks. The distance may cause problems for out-of-towners, however, so monthly may have a different turn-out. Let it alone for a month or two, then throw one, if it’s just as bad, then let it die.

I changed your name on the tournament and put your SRK name on it also.

Yeah, thanks. Whatever goes down, I’ll probably be over for one or two more times before I head for Korea.

Sorry to hear that ShinBlanka… :depress:

It’s sad to have such a good thing die away…

Damn sorry to hear the bad news Larry. :frowning:

BTW Team PSL is planning on throwing another STD tournament in the winter (featuring CvS2, Melee, 3S, Halo, MvC2, and maybe even ST.), you and anyone else out of state interested in attending is more then welcome.

Just take note that it’s all on console though.

Well take it easy and once more sorry to hear about the lack of support up there bro. :frowning:

Do you have a date yet natedog?:confused: Just let me know and i’ll see what I can do.:wink:

No exact date yet, although we’re aiming for early December.

I’ll be sure to keep you posted, we’d love to have you here. :smiley:

Playing some new people in 3S and smash will be a breath of fresh air.:cool: