Getto results from the ATL South TEAM TOURNAMENT (Nov.2) 2002 at Arario Arcade


First thing I want to say is: THANK YOU TO EVERYONE THAT CAME TO PLAY IN THIS TOURNAMENT! Big up’s to Ted King and Kyah Hicks for helping me run the CvS2 and 3S tournaments. Without you guy’s it would have been hell. :slight_smile:

Ok we didn’t get to run the team tournament like we intended to at first.:frowning: Everyone’s team had someone missing from their teams, so I made the tournament into a regular double elim. tournament in MvC2, 3S, and CvS2. Man this was a great tournament. SOOOOOO much skillfull play in all of the games throughout the entire tournament.

Like the name of this thread these results are GETTO. Meaning I don’t know what teams was used in the finals. Like always I will leave that up to the people that were playing and watching each tournament.:stuck_out_tongue: Here’s the getto results:

1st Ozzie Delisle
Sentinels Force +1900 pts

2nd Craig Defour
MAXIMUS +950 pts

3rd Issac Nicholas
raekwon187 +633 pts

4th Keith Daniels
Blackheart576 +475 pts

5th Erik Wright
Pr0gn0sisnutsac +380 pts

5th Perry Griffin
+380 pts

7th Sora Arrington
Tron li +271 pts

7th TJ Woodham
Drizzt Dourden +271 pts

9th Jay Moreno
Sorry As Hell +211 pts

9th Raphy Bendy
SSJ George Bush +211 pts

9th Jae Purvis
ShinRyuX +211 pts

9th Parker Selbert
Xist +211 pts

13th Kevin Hutchins
EvilGouki +146 pts

13th Colin Caldwell
+146 pts

13th Ted King
LiquiTed +146 pts

13th Harry Hu
Panmarblic +146 pts

17th Sami Ackerman
Drfunkinstien2k3 +112 pts

17th Eric Lee
Psylocke +112 pts

17th Eddie Taylor
Spydee +112 pts

Man this tournament was off the chain. While winning the winners bracket and winning the grand finals Ozzie continues to prove why he is one of the best in the south as he took 1st place representing S. Fla (and the EMS crew) to the fullest. Team Jax’s Craig Defour took 2nd place as he shows that he is a force not to be fucked with in MvC2. But the real story in the MvC2 tournament was Team Bama crew had 3 in the top 5 and 4 in the top 10.:eek: Team SC crew also had 4 in the top 10. ATL had 1 in the top 10 (Jay Moreno “Sorry As Hell”).


1st Don Mac
Black Thought +1600 pts

2nd Larry S. Dixon Jr.
ShinBlanka +800 pts

3rd Colin Caldwell
+533 pts

4th Eric Williams
Earwig +400 pts

5th TJ Woodham
Drizzt Dourden +320 pts

5th Jae Purvis
ShinRyuX +320 pts

7th Kevin Hutchins
EvilGouki +229 pts

7th Eddie Taylor
Spydee +229 pts

9th Kyah Hicks
BobSmack +178 pts

9th Leigh Lamb
RoninChaos +178 pts

9th Eric Lee
Psylocke +178 pts

9th Raphy Bendy
SSJ George Bush +178 pts

13th Sora Arrington
Tron li +123 pts

13th Ted King
LiquiTed +123 pts

13th Eric Jeffries
HaoGui +123 pts

13th Tay Garrett
+123 pts

(EMS) crew took the top 4 spots and had 5 in the top 10. Team SC had 4 in the top 10 with Jae Purvis “ShinRyuX” getting 5th. Team Bama had 3 in the top 10 with TJ Woodham getting 5th place. Don Mac “BlackThought” took the title from me by beating me in the winners finals 3-2 and the grand finals 4-2. He played well and earned his win. I got sent to the losers bracket by him and had to play Colin Caldwell in the losers bracket. I was on the brink of being eliminated 2-1, but made a come back to win the losers bracket 3-2 0nly to get whooped by Don Mac in the finals. Can you say:

ROLL THAT SHIT DOWN!?!?!?!?!?:lol:


1st. Eric Williams “Earwig” : Ryu
2nd. Jamie A. : Chun Li
3rd. Larry S. Dixon Jr. “ShinBlanka” : HUGO!!!
4th. Ted King “LiquiTed” : Urien
5th. Sami Ackerman “Drfunkinstien2k3” : Chun Li
5th. Jae Purvis “ShinRyuX” : Makoto
7th. Kevin Hutchins “EvilGouki” : Chun Li, Alex
7th. Parker Selbert “Xist” : Ken
9th. Ozzie Delisle “Sentinels Force” : Akuma, Chun Li
9th. Leigh Lamb “RoninChaos” : Ryu
9th. Eric Jeffries “HaoGui” : Yang, Urien
9th. Brandon SImmons “SlayerX4” : Yang, Ken
13th Kyah Hicks “Bobsmack” : Alex
13th. TJ Woodham “Drizzt Dourden” : Ryu
13th. Eddie Taylor “Spydee” : ???

The ATL took the top 3 spots and had 6 in the top 10. Team SC keeps showing that they are no jokes in 3S by getting 3 in the top 5 and 4 in the top 10. I lost in the winners finals to Jamie A. 2-1 and then I lost to Eric Williams in the losers finals 3-1. Eric won the grand finals coming out of the losers bracket. I see this being the start of the a great friendly rivalary between the ATL and SC in 3S. We will make each other better so we both can go to other regions and surprize people with our skillz in 3S. I will try to get more of the ATL crew to come up to the SC tournaments in 3S. Again thanks to everyone that came to the tournament and supported your southern tournament scene. I had mad fun at this tournament and I hope guy did too. I was going to retire after this tournament, but with all of the great guy’s coming together for this tournament remind me why I throw tournaments. For a moment I lost my hope for the south. It’s good to see that we can get together and play for awhile.

Everyone keep a lookout for:

(FINAL ROUND)6 “The Only Console Major”

Everyone in the south knows that (FR) tournaments are the premier tournaments in the south and are the ONLY CONSOLE TOURNAMENT that are Majors. The rest of the community might not think it is, but we southerns know it is and will continue it’s run for years to come.


WTF Ozzie won!? ok this tourney was ghetto. jk :smiley:


I had a blast but where is the rest of the results…



Good job ozzie!


I was there!

First of all I would like to say that I was very impressed by this tournaments organization and by the way it carried itself out. Props to those who organized and ran it, and to Arairo and its staff. The MvC2 2P’s foward button (roundhouse kick) went out, and one of the guys came in and saved the day in about a whole two minute’s time, no sweat. Well done.

As far as the action is concerned, it was well worth my commute. I made it too late to participate, but I must say I was treated to some great action that made up for it. As far as MvC2 goes, I couldn’t stay until the end, but what I saw from Ozzie and Craig had me thinking they’d be on top when I left. I forgive Ozzie for his failed attempt at exhibiting his 6 rocket punch Sentinel combo, so no worries there :p. One of the players who surprised me the most was Sora Arrington with his Cammy/Storm/Tron team, color-coded pink to boot! He really showed off what that team could do amongst more mainstream teams like Sentinel/Cable/Capcom and Storm/Sentinel/*. Parker Selbert is sexier than I had imagined him, despite Harry Hu’s already-sexy descriptions of him ;). He played well (Sentinel/Strider/Doom forever!) despite his untimely elimination to some kid who completely lacks tournament etiquette, but he made up for it in 3S afterwards with his Ken. And Harry, even though he lost early as well, is still my hero :D.

SF3: 3S has had a sudden burst in popularity since Evolution 2002, and this tournament only added to that. Unfortunately, June Ro (sup buddy, I was the one you drove back to my apartment at Georgia Tech that night we were hanging over at Harry’s and Ant’s) couldn’t make it, but the action was outstanding nonetheless. The guy who took first place (forgive me, but I don’t recall most of the 3S players’ names because I didn’t know most of them to begin with) dominated with Akuma first, and then won the finals with Ryu. From what I saw he kept close to his opponents, poking often and throwing very well, with an ocassional cross-up here and there. The person who took second place played Chun Li. Other notables were Jae Purvis’s (who played MvC2 very well, too) Makoto with his play style similar to the Makoto seen on the latest Japanese 3S 5 on 5 video, and Ted King’s Urien with his well-placed Aegis Reflectors and great parries into thows. In casual play I had the opportunity to see such things as a match between a Yang and a Makoto that came down to the last bits of health on both characters parts. When Makoto landed her usual grab (the one she combos off of so often, sorry I am unfamiliar with 3S terminology) we thought it was over, since her rush punch would kill the Yang consequently, but much to our surprise (followed by many “ooohs” and “aaahhs”) Yang somehow recovered in time to parry the rush punch and do his own grab (the one he knees his opponent) in return to win the match.

As far as CvS2 goes, I can’t comment since I was parked right between the MvC2 machine and the 3S machine and the CvS2 machine was at least three machines away from me. Oh, and for those who don’t know me, I was the one sitting on a stool between 3S and MvC2 for the most part, black hair, dark blue/purple sweater, and jeans. Ozzie, I was sitting to the front and left of you when you were parked right behind the MvC2 players (helping out Sora and pissing Perry off :p) and Parker, I was the one sitting next to you when you were playing casual 3S talking about that one kid :mad:. Anyways, once again, great tournament guys. I hope that next time I will be there in time to embarrass myself trying to keep up with your collective “mad skillz”. Sorry for the long post, but I wanted to narrate as much as possible. Thanks for reading.



They are up now sami.:cool: Check the 1st post again.:wink:


Way to represent Oz! Seems like it was worth the drive :wink:


This was my best tourney experience ever in the ATL.
Thanks to everyone who came out and made it great and helped me laugh at my meager MvC2 showing:confused:

Nice report. Too bad you didn’t make it on time it would be great to see some representation:D .
Jae’s Makoto was the talk of the day I was just glad I have been able to adapt to it. Jae and I were in the finals at the last Anderson , SC tournament and his Makoto was rocking my Urien and Yang efforts hard so I switched to Chun just to survive and take the win and then later at the Team SC qualifier at my place his Makoto worked me completely (straight 5 wins) even with me playing Chun. Makoto is too fast and Jae is too precise to underestimate. Eric Williams as always impresses me with his rush down Ryu and I wish June could have made it so I could ‘borrow’ some of his Urien experience.

Thanks to everyone who made the trip to Atlanta and helped make this another great tournament in the Atlantic South!!!



Just a great tournament… PERIOD.

Ted: Since you put it that way, I guess it is a good thing for that I didn’t make it in time to play. Wouldn’t want to embarrass or taint the site with my showing :confused:.

Seriously, though, if I can get some practice in preferably with Harry sometime (since he is the one I know best from the group) I might just summon the courage to step up to the plate… even if I do strike out against the likes of Ozzie and Craig.

Once again, guys, great tournament.



When FR6 comes around expect me there :slight_smile:

Very well reported Nighty, makes me wish I was there. =(

Larry, you better keep us informed of any tournament you guys try and pull off, ya hear?


I’m glad things went well.



Lots of fun. Nice to see everyone again.

  • Kyah


Trust me yo. When I have the date of EVL2k3 then I will have a better feel on when I should throw FR6. You guy’s will know about it.:cool: Everyone will know about it.:cool:


I want to say congrats to all the winners…wish we could have been there…

seems SOVAs players dont know how to call a bitch LOL…

Anyway…seems like it ran well…congrats to Shinblanka for putting it together…

The only thing I am real curious about is Ryu winning 3S…do you have any vids? Dr Funk? I am curious to how good this Ryu was :slight_smile:

on that note…later



Thanks yo. Sorry you couldn’t come but hopefully you guy’s won’t miss FR6.:slight_smile: Sorry on the vid’s also, because NO ONE had a video cam.:frowning: Eric’s Ryu is very good trust me sir.


Sounded like a great tourney. Glad it went well and congrats to all the players Skillmatic and E.M.S. alike :smiley: Can’t wait for Final Round 6, I really hope to be there. Hope to see some of y’all in Charlotte next week.

Later all.


Great tournamant. I had a lot of fun.

Nightcrawler, that was T.J. who jumped around when he beat Parker. I was the big guy in the back with the shaved head, visor and sunglasses yelling “SIT YOUR PUNK ASS DOWN”. Thanks for coming out.

To everybody else, again, thanks for coming through. The highlights of the day in my opinion were Colin countering Jay’s Shorryureppa damn near before it came out with Geese and Sora dissing Apoc. What Sora said was the best part of the tournament. I wish I had my videocamera, it was a classic moment. You’re too cool, Sora.

The play at my house after the tournament was fierce. We really need to do this more often. Issac screaming Pycho ball and then falling asleep was pretty damn funny too.

I can’t wait till we do this again.



The guy who won played Ryu and Akuma, and he was a master of the parrying art. lets just say he parried my Chun-Li SA2 the whole thing and then finihsed with the ragin Demon :eek: now thats skill!
Parrying is the key to victory, after all u can’t lose health if u take no hits! :evil:




Glad everyone had fun though!:slight_smile:


Nice job on running things Larry and congrats to the winners.

I’ll be there too…and I’ll see what I can do about WK :stuck_out_tongue: .