Getty 3v3 Team Tournament Feb.20th Sat 2010


Getty 3v3 Tournament Feb.20th Sat 2010

DATE: Sat, Feb 20th 2010

LOCATION: Lovegetty Station, Markham

Street Fighter 4

Winner take all

7PM Registration
8PM Start time

3v3 TEam tournament
Character lock
Multiple characters allowed
Blind order pick

If you are playing in a Wf/Lf/Gf and you lose the first set you are allowed to change character and order of team, however you are not allowed to change character or order if you win a set

double elimination tournament
1 game per match
2 out of 3 games per semi final match
2 out of 3 games grand finals

Due to the way the last tourney was run, we are gonna CAP the amount of teams allowed to enter at 8 Teams.
Please post your Team and I will add you in.
If there is a over volume of teams wishing to enter we will either

A) get all the teams in
B) Take vote on which teams should be allowed.

Entrance Fee
$10 a head = $30 a team


BlitzMan_G, Davero


Team Getty  (BlitzMan, Shaun, Spiral)
Team Downtown (Davero, Mr. Trite, Daflipmasta)
Team Vaughn (Traninho, LedHendrix, JTN)
Team STC (JDK_Mark, JS Master, Eric Hai)

I’ve taken up responsibility for the brackets and such for this tourny. If your interested in joining post your 3, the more teams I have in the computer, the smoother the tournament will run.

Toronto hasn’t had a real team tournament in a long time, let’s get HYPE

Nagata please delete the old thread.


wow nice
I like team STC for the win…any takers??


we’re team sauginton station btw


Anybody wana team up for a team tourni??


Jaywang for team etc pt 2!!! :slight_smile:
I’ve had my traning from tokyo and I thnk I’m ready! :smiley:


I’ll team with someone if a final person/team is needed, wouldn’t want to waste your time otherwise. Might come out to spectate for shits and giggles either way.


important side note, the 3/5 rounds was a concern for time, so we’re going to change the cabinet to the standard 2/3 rounds.


Ill team with you Fareed, we can play on live if you wanna gauge if I’m worth it lol.


i think its
JS, eric, dice davero


today is close.


vaughan might be pulling out… get hype


so does this mean that some low tier team gets one step closer to 3rd? OH SNAP


yup. gety’s closed 'til the 26th.


So whens the next date for this?


so is this tournament happening tomorrow or not…? (if not, then when, and if so, is it still at gety?)