GFWL Hotmail account temporarily blocked


Hi mates,

I have an huge problem, today I wanted to sign as every day to play SFIV AE online, but I didn’t worked, so I clicked for more details, and I saw an message, that my e-mail account (hotmail) got blocked, supposedley some other person has used my account…

Now I can’t login to GFWL, I already send an support ticket to microsoft, I had to fill some information about my name, and more information, but the problem is I created that email accout in 2005, and I was not using it anymore for sending e-mails or chatting via messenger…

I had only used it for SSFIV AE on PC. So Microsoft reject to reactivate my account, because I wasn’t giving enough information, to validate that I am the right owner of the e-mail account.But how can I give more information, If I haven’t used it anymore? WTF!!!

Is there any chance, that I can send my original key to capcom, so they can reactivate it, so I can use with an new e-mail?

please help me, I just want to play Street Fighter :smiley:


This sounds like something you should have written to Capcom support about.


I still cease to understand why people would use email addresses that they never check for important things, including gaming accounts.
Better hope Microsoft can restore it or Capcom can validate your proof of purchase as well as let you bind the GFWL key to another account.


Yeah, you are totally right, that was stupid, but I never had thought, that an simple email gets blocked for no reason. :smiley:

AHHH, I am soooo mad right now , of myself and of this shitty GFWL, it’s like they grab you original purchased game, and they throw it out of the window, right in front of you ^^


I’m having the exact same problem, but I saw your post at the capcom tech support forum and apparently you got your e-mail back? Can you tell me how you got it back?


yeah of course, I used my mobile phone number to get it back, they send me the code immediately, so in the end I could unlocked it.


Sorry could you be more specific? Did you call up their customer service hotline or is there an option to verify that the account is mine by using a mobile phone device?


There was an option for me, if I fill out an letter with informations about me, or if I just send my number.


you can still play your game online by creating another windows live account, then create another gfwl account thats connected to your new windows live account. turn on the game and sign in with your new gfwl account. but you wont have access to your old replays and achievements from your previous account you dont have access to anymore. ie, you’ll have to start everything over. but doing this will let you play online again against other people.


Wouldn’t it be asking for a CD key each time you try to log in with a new account?