GFWL issue with trolling

G4WL is seriously broken. There’s no way to ban a player from challenging you when he lags like hell and continually rejoins when you boot him. It basically forces you to turn off challenge mode or he’ll keep interrupting your single player. Or he’ll occupy a spot that someone else could challenge when you’re in hosting mode.

Any way around this aside from leaving challenge mode?

avoid him

First of all a quick point - If two people are using FightRec to get matches, it can sometimes look like one has actually joined the other when it was actually the system that keeps putting the two people together, even if that person had already been entered into the challenge mode and already left. I’ve often been thrown into the same exact match multiple times in a row and I’m sure the person who was hosting must have thought I was just joining & leaving to be spiteful.

First, do as above - Set to “Avoid Player” and put it down as lag or whatever reason. Player Skill & Lag do not register on their card so it’s the ‘nicer’ of the options.

Things I do when someone is purposely joining/leaving my game.

a) Try leaving the session 2-3 times.
b) If it happens more, go to Menu Mode for 2mins to let them find someone else then restart.
c) If they return even after that I’ll set to Avoid and if they are still in the channel by the time I’ve done that I will happily leave my computer and make a nice relaxing cup of tea for 5-10mins… And yes, you WILL MEET DIPSHITS WHO WILL WAIT ALL THAT TIME and probably send you hatemail along the way.

Got a chap last night who was fucking horrible to play (inexperienced) and after 8 games I left. He starts rejoining again and again so I AFK’d / tabbed out to read the forums and came back to notice the “GO SUCK COCK” and “PLAY ME YOU MOTHERFUCKA” comments.


Yeah I hate that, I just kick them out constantly or pretend to go afk. Eventually they’ll get tired of acting like an autistic child.

I had 3/4 kids sending me hatemails because, I kicked them out and all of them are from Europe. One assumed I kicked him because he thinks I was a shitty Ryu scrub and is scare of him. People needs to start checking gamercards. Derp, A few days ago,

“Whats your problem? Our connection is fine.”

“You live in EC Canada/US?”


That feeling when I’m surrounded by retards.

Ever tried to fight such a match?
In my experience a connection from Canada to Europe can be good and very playable.
I’m from Europe and every now and then someone from Northern America appears on the list with 3 bars. These are always (Exceptions prove the rule.) matches without any noticeable lag.
If I enter a lobby and nothing happens I always count to ten and then I’m off.

Sure… :smiley:
Because of…?
And what can they find there? If they look at my card, they can read that 66% of all people avoid me because I’m playing aggressive (in a beat em up…).
I won’t fight people who take the retarded information from such a gamercard and give it a reason for concern… (which is the reason why I disconnect from lobby after some seconds).
At short, I don’t want to fight people that like to read more than they like to play… :wink:

Cool passive aggressive comment in the end bro. There may not be noticeable lag but, the delay still exist. I won’t play anyone lower than 4 bars unless I know them. Gamercard has their location info. I started checking after that one time when some guy from China connected with a full green bar. Horrendous lag. This still happens.

I don’t see much reason to check cards either… Heck I never send hatemail and have a relatively decent connection to some players and yet I’ve a huge reputation (On card) for trash talking & Unsupporting Conduct? My Mic is muted and I only reply to messages if people send me something first. As for the other shrug

I do check cards from time to time but I do it when I’m NOT in the lobby (ie. when I want to check up on people I’ve fought or friends, or even to see if I ‘Avoided’ or ‘Liked’ a player in the past when I see a name I recognize).

When I join a lobby, or someone joins my lobby, I look for two things… Connection & READY checked.

So basically… there’s nothing you can do about it except hope that they go away. Setting to avoid doesn’t mean they can’t see you and request a fight. Like i said, BROKEN.

Wow… it’s getting worse. It’s like every dipshit on G4WL now will repeatedly join your channel if you kick him. I’ve got about 6 or 7 players who will basically sit there and rejoin infinitely until i leave. They need to implement a ban feature a la Counter Strike servers.

Haha you can only hope. I know what you mean, especially at night. These dumbass german players who have like 4 seconds of fucking delay keep joining my damn game over and over. Its ridiculous really, leads me to think that some of these guys are retarded, which is ironic because they are german.