GG: AC, PS2 version @ Evo Worlds

I’m happy to officially announce that Evo Worlds in Las Vegas this August will replace Guilty Gear XX Slash with the PS2 version of Guilty Gear Accent Core. Evo West will continue to use GGXX Slash to maintain consistency across all qualification tournaments.

For Evo Worlds, all qualifying teams must stick with their same team members. However, in light of the balance changes in Accent Core, all players may choose new characters.


Your sig seems wrong.

You don’t know me very well.

That’s true

well… damn

anyone got $600 i could borrow?

Good shit!~

Oh wow, that really is hot. :lovin:

thats good to hear


Great news!!

good stuff

On behalf of RK players everywhere…that would be all 4 of us:

Thanks for giving us a chance!

Awesome news.

Yes!! Thank you!!

Great news, GG scene lives on.

excellent! thanks a bunch!

Very good to hear. Thanks for making the change.

Thank you very much.

good shit. no more complaints from guilty gear players!!!

…you just KNOW something will come up between now and then man. might as well limit them to play on nubytech pads so they have an excuse.

thats an excellent decision.

Just when all hope seemed lost for AC players, this comes up. This is going to be one hell of a tourney.