GG av request

I’ve had this av for God knows how long and I need a change. I was thinking something with Testament on it with the words “No longer low tier on it”. It doesn’t need to be overly fancy but I’d like it fairly dark in keeping with Testament’s whole angst thing.

Ill do one if you want.
Edit: here it is

Oh those are both awesome thanks so much!

Couple things though, Jester yours is too large KB wise to be uploaded here. Psycho, whenever I try to upload yours it says “This JPEG image has the incorrect file extension.” I don’t know if this is on your end or mine. Still both awesome though.

Oh shit, just noticed that Psycho’s has “on it” on it. Punctuation mistake on my end. I don’t really need that on there ^_^;;;

Whoops, I thought the extra ‘on it’ part was odd.
Weird, it was a gif, but I’ll save it as a jpg this time to see if it works.