Gg: isaku thread help


hi our arcade just got this game so i want to learn it, anyone know like tiers, strats, etc.??


f u


Hmm do you have any specific questions? I might be able to help a little, I’ve played the game somewhat.

If you’re familiar with the basics of GGXX or #R then you really only need to focus on the new techniques, and the playing mindset.

switch lanes - HS+T
switch lanes with attack - P+T
cross lane attack - S+T
back attack - K+S

In general, think about what moves you have, and what your partner has, and work with them to create strategies, i.e. filling gaps in each other’s pressure strings. By all means work with your partner, don’t blatantly hit your partner while he’s doing a combo.

I think mindset is the most important “strat”. The best way to play Isuka is to actually play Isuka, not 4 player GGXX. In other words, actually make use of the new mechanics. Abuse the line cancel technique (f+HS+T while blocking) to get out of pressure. Do weird things like turning around after combos and doing a random back attack. Stuff like that. Think about team unblockables, although remember that “unblockables” can now be blocked with FD (can block two heights simultaneously).

Also if you really have interest in learning GGI, then do so, it’s actually pretty fun. Buying the Outlive Encyclopedia today made me realize that there’s actually advanced strat in this game, most people just don’t want to put the time in. Granted, as much as I think this game is fun, I agree it’s hard to take seriously.

Again, if you have specific questions, let me know.


Awesome thanks I’ll try this stuff out today and see if have any detailed questions. I saw people switching lanes but I didn’t know how and my english isn’t very good so I didn’t want to ask them. Do you have a Isaku scene near you, or you just read about it? Right now I just throw a lot of meteors and kill everyone on the screen with Faust.


Yeah, I actually play Isuka in arcades, in Hong Kong. Although honestly I haven’t seen that many people playing it.

But yeah try some of that out, and let me know if you have any questions afterwards.


New characters

since you’ve played it already can you fill me in on who the nre characters are,they had better not be justice, robo ky are kliffthat would piss me off hopefully raven is one of them


Oh sorry, in case it wasn’t clear before, we’re talking about the arcade version of Isuka, which only includes the XX 20. The three new characters are for the home version of Isuka, which is not out yet, it’s due in late July.


oh sorry well whats the game play like does anybody have any new moves


Everyone has new moves in the sense that they all gained back attacks, attacks when crossing lanes, and crosslane attacks (don’t know the formal name, it’s an attack that knocks the opponent into the opposite lane). Nobody actually has new specials or supers if that what you mean. There are a lot of new FRC’s though.

The gameplay can best be described as hectic, it’s pretty much what you’d imagine 4 player gg to be like. What’s interesting is the different strategic play. Like, you now have to worry about how to cover yourself when doing combos, watch the relative positions of the other players, and figure out how to cover your partner. These things make the game interesting in my opinion.

So for example with Ky, you can take advantage of his new aerial Vapor Thrust FRC after combos, or succesful hits when someone tries to hit you from behind afterwards. You be doing an air combo on one guy, finish with VT, frc, turn and air fireball behind you, to catch the other opponent that’s trying to hit you in your vulnerable frames.

Some other examples of how to use the new stuff is like the jump cancellable crossing lanes attacks. If they’re someone in the lane next to you that’s in the air, you can try to anti-air with the lane attack, and then jump into an air combo.


So you’ve played it?

I had a friend said that it looks like a party game with no real room fro skillful playing. Like smashbrothers. Heh.

Is this true? Or you really think this can become a high level playing game?


Well my views are mixed. First thing is yes, I agree it is mostly a game for fun, I don’t think high level tourney play can reach the same level of seriousness as the normal fighters. In short, the nature of the beast is just too different. There IS higher level play however.

I tried to get across in my posts that some people also haven’t played it enough. That’s not a flame, it’s just how it is, I know access to this game isn’t exactly easy either. How do I say this, once you get used to the system, it’s really fun. And even though it is not serious in the traditional sense, there is a lot of higher level strat once you get into it. Playing while looking for combos, high-low games and such is still there, but having to watch the playing field while you do all of this adds another dimension to the strategy that I find to be fun. If you take the time to learn the new moves, and FRCs that were added for these purposes, you begin to understand the bigger picture of Isuka. And that is why it is fun. You might think Isuka is chaotic, but when I play Isuka, I feel like I am in complete control, even in two on ones.

One final thing, keep in mind many people play fighters not just for competition, but just for the tournament competition. It might be harder to recommend Isuka to these people.

So while I agree that it’s a game for fun, I have played it a lot now, and I believe it is worth putting time into. I will warn you I’m in the minority. Just don’t give up XX or #R for it. Actually, it’s easy to keep up both.


I say this game would be a great way to start team tourneys and actually have things like teamwork involved. and it would be fun to watch too like a 2v2 basketball game, but better. Instead of people practicing at combos and stuff, they would have to work on team stratgies/combos. I still say this game could be tournament worthy, but i haven’t personally played it yet so can’t really fully judge it yet.