GG Justice Thread

Does anyone play as Justice? I have played as her on X2 but not on Reloaded.

Somebody on Gamefaqs said she is playable in tournaments because in reloaded she is on the arcade version.

Anyways just wondering how exactly she fits into the tier system and if anybody knows any decent strats or combos other then gatling, hcf+HS?

gamefaqs can’ for combo i didn’t study a lot anyways after a trow near the corner 632146s(or hs? not sure),6hs,jc,k,s,jc,k,s.
after a corner throw it’s possible to link the mega super(don’t remember hte manip)
after a 6hs,jc,k,s,jc,k,s,jc,k,s.
didn’t study more,sorry.

Her? Then what’s with that giant blue thing sticking out of justice’s pants?

it picks up cable channels

justice is a female robot and supposedly dizzy’s mother or something. i dunno why ‘she’ has a synthetic cock though. lol

I feel a cod-piece would complement her hair better than a large metal phallic unit :smiley:

It’s the 'cock’pit for the girl :confused:

Here are some combos from the #R Japanese guide book. If any of them don’t work in XX, please let me know.

6P or 2K, ©S, S, 2D <-basic knockdown chain

6P or 2K, ©S, S, HS, HCF+HS

2D, HCB,F+HS, 6HS, JC, j.HS

Throw or air throw, RC, dash, 6HS, JC, j.S, j.HS

D, [8]D, JC, j.D, land, ©S, JC, j.S, j.HS (or dash to P, JC, j.P, j.HS if they’re too far away from ©S to connect) <-impossible dust combo

HCB,F+HS, iAD, j.P,j .P, j.S, j.HS, land, ©S, JC, j.P, j.HS

6P or 2K (says to do it off a dash, dunno if that’s required), ©S, 421S FRC, 6HS, iAD, j.S(1 hit), JC, j.P, j.HS, land, P, JC, j.P, j.HS