GG or BS: the NW SSF4 Drinking Game

Edited for Version 2! The first version was invented to benefit lower tier players primarily. We all like Version 2 quite a bit more… Check it out!

As usual, in Eugene we’re always looking for interesting ways to combine our favorite hobbies. With the Summer hating on us with it’s heat rays, we’ve devised an easy way to beat the heat with cold beer and SSF4.

GG or BS: The NW SSF4 Drinking Game

Opening Drink: Both players take a Drink when they’ve chosen their Character and Ultra.

GG or BS: When the match has ended, the Loser declares Good Game or Bullshit.

Good Game: On a Good Game, both players take a drink, and the Loser stays for the next match, while the Winner rotates out.

Bullshit: Calling Bullshit means the Loser is challenging the Winner to an Identical rematch. Same ultras, same characters. After calling Bullshit, the Bullshitter makes a Wager.

The Wager: The Wager is a number of drinks chosen by the person calling Bullshit. If the person who called Bullshit Wins the Bullshit Rematch, the opponent drinks the Wager in drinks before the start of the next round. If the person who called Bullshit Loses the Bullshit rematch, he/she drinks DOUBLE the Wager, down in one.

Down in One: Bullshitting Losers must consume double their Wager, all in one drink, under the observation of the other players. Chanting DOWN IN ONE! DOWN IN ONE! is encouraged.

Loser Stays: The Loser of a Bullshit match is always the Loser for the purposes of determining play order. Loser stays, Winner rotates out.

Version 2’s rules allow for honorable and salty rematches, without any adjudication issues.

Try them out at your next SSF4 gathering!


Everybody always wants a rematch after an ass kicking. Now you can let them have it and complain about your mad skills, then punish them for their inequity. What’s not to like?

Original Post Updated to the much improved Version 2.

Diabolical in it’s simplicity and effectiveness, GG or BS v2 is coming at you like you were smoking reefer and having premarital sex at Crystal Lake.

I think the loser staying (especially after drinking their double wager) is just asking for Hyre to get puked on or something. Disastrous!

There’s definitely a bit of a downward spiral effect… But it also teaches players not to step out of their league, especially if they can’t handle a pint to the face.

Loser stays serves a second important function as well, we’re always trying to let our less practiced players get the most practice during casuals. Playing loser stays at every Fight Night, we’ve seen some really good improvement in players who couldn’t play at all when they first started.