[GG1] chipp got an infinite

guess …who’s faster ?


Haha, I love playing GG1, it’s so damn broken and fun.

moar moar !!

Hate to brake it dude, but everyone in GG1 had at least 1 inf, and I mean everyone.

Me and my friends divided to tiers on to see who had the mosts infs… it was down right retarded. Not to mention you can link up your combos into IKs, WTF?!?
Because if you link up your IK, you can’t escape it like you can if you get it by without linking.

Also, there is a “combo break type” deal in GG1. You can do a “Gamble” during a combo to recover in the air, but you need to time it right or you’ll just be slapped back to the inf.

And lets not forget wavedashing.
Its like I said a while back at the GG forums: Using’s Sol’s wavedash is quiet possible the funniest thing I’ve heard/seen in any figthing game.

To wavedash, run forward and Taunt. Your taunt can be cancelled into dash and your dash can be cancelled into a taunt, this makes combos and IKs easier to land if you can do this fast enough.

Also, another inf in the game would be anyone who has an uppercut or to anyone that has there special that ends with a wall bounce. Seeing as how the opponent will have inf tension once there half way dead, keep doing the special over and over. And seeing as how strong uppercuts have NO RECOVERY, keep doing it, lol.

I personally despise the GG series but it’s pretty popular… sigh

I know 3 infs with Sol (One is Potemkin-only), one with Chipp, two with Millia and one with Zato. What are the other characters’ infs?

What version is that? PS1? Those OTG’s are pure insanity.

ps1 the original guilty gear. The only infinite I bothered to figure out was Millia’s infinite disks in the corner (way easier than whatever chipp was doing in that vid). What was her other one?

charge canceling ftw

Damn. I JUST saw this last night too. GG1 looks crazy broke.

Thread should be Chipp HAD an infinite. Because we all know Sammy hates Chipp now.

…which is why he’s upper mid in slash.

GG1 is fucken homo and broken. Not to mention getting hit by a destroyed in the first round means you lost the whole game.

wow you got me scared for a second. i thought you were talkin about slash. that combo is hilarious though.

lol, no shit.
That was my first impression when I saw this topic, but when I notice the vid title “GG1” I was all “oh ok.”

Man its been a while.
The only one I can remember is Ky had 2, VT HS was turned into an inf but it had some timing. Then once he is half-way dead spam Ride the Lightning for an inf.

I forget the rest ;(

Hahaha, GG1 is the only GG game I haven’t played yet but after reading all of this I think it will stay that way. lol

Upper Mid…I wil lsee it when I believe. I am going by the latest serious game (#R…because everyone sucks in Isuka…except Pot and Slayer)

oh man…after playing #R, I played GG1 sometime last year, it felt like a generic Super Nintendo/Sega Genesis fighter. Still like to get a copy of it sometime.

great post dude

wowza . . . i forgot that justice’s voice was so manly in gg1

but yeah, GG1 was broken insanity