GGAC results: Rebirth 2007 Memphis, TN July 20-22

Guilty Gear Accent Core
11 entrants

1.) Terrence “Majin” - Anji Mito (3 time champion)
2.) Marcus - Sol Bad Guy (2 time runner-up)
3.) Stephen - Testament

John - Potemkin
Feardgear - Zappa, Slayer, ABA
Chris - Slayer
Nagi - Johnny, Ky
IAN - Axl
Melvin - May
Demon God Crush
Joe - Axl

Thanks for everyone coming out for this. Even though I kinda botched it a little. It was my fault that is was posted in certain places short notice. But it still goes to show that GG is pulling its weight.

But you people have to start coming out seriously. We need more of a turn out. We want to progress but we can’t without your support.

I am taking a poll on when the next tournament will be run. I need everyone possible to sign up to the boards and show what they want to play.

But for now signing off of the board. If you really want it show us how you want it.