You should delete this as soon as possible
people are going to flame the sh*t out of you

I dunno about you but my safeword is puppies, SF2 is too hard to say with a latex zipper-mask over your face.

Oh sweet a versus thread.

LOL 2009 never fails to amaze me.

Your anus will be bleeding little red bars shortly.

i ‘prefare’ your sister. your mom’s not really a milf, so yeah.

wow alot of jerks r on this site

what i am watching now is Knives VS angry Mods in the game called SRK:2009 Edition. anyone got a camera , we need to record this match cause we don’t want to miss this

For every “jerk” we’ve got on SRK, we’ve got 10 more children just like you who think themselves to be the end-all, be-all of creative thread making.

But it’s okay kid, you’re one of a kind, right down to your not at all stereotypically FPS-douche Xbox Live Gamertag.

Well… at least it’s not another Smash thread

and personally I prefer extra cheese with no mushrooms

Drink up be merry----welcome to the tang uh tanguh tung tang a tang ug tung tung tang ahahahah

seriously, though this aint even a question or a versus. This is plain wack to compare games.

Well these “jerks” wouldn’t be acting like “jerks” towards you if you didn’t do a stupid thread.

1)No vs threads
2)Previous threads like this always go bad and end in flamebait and stupid flame wars.

I would “prefare” for you not to make threads anytime soon.

  1. Be kind to newbies. Many times Newbies come into Gen. Dis. and post a thread that says ?How old are all of you?? Now of course we have seen this thread millions of times, but chances are the newbie is just trying to get to know everyone. So don?t be a prick and tell them their thread is lame.

LOL I didn’t even KNOW that was in the “rules” here.

Good luck getting that one enforced, buddy.

this dude is 12. i called it!

This is very likely. As we can see, he’s already wanting to play Barbie’s Horse Adventure, which is very typical of a gender-confused 12 year old.

Maybe he can make a VS thread with Mary Kate & Ashley games for the PS1.

See you’re new. Threads like these get REALLY bad. You weren’t here nor do you know about how bad the whatever SF game vs 3S threads can get. It’s a mess and it gets nasty and locked.

Also… NO VS THREADS. You’re not talking about MVC2 or CVS2. And if you want to get to know people lurk around for a bit and search before posting.

SRK: The one forum that doesn’t recognize true trolling.

And here I am often labeled a troll for occasionally having a conflicting opinion with general populace … While this guy gets off as being labeled a common idiot.

People only be nice to new people if they’ve actually looked around and known not to post these kinds of shitty threads.

Try posting these kinds of shitty threads here:

You’d get a warmer welcome since there’s a lot of newbies over there, just like yourself.

Now go away, please. Thanks.