This is actually incredibly true. And we don’t appreciate the quality trolls we have. Carthage come on down (also magical voice show and the other guy who’s name I’m completely forgetting).

It’s a sad day for the internet.

Agreed. I’ve said this before but alas, SRK is SRK.

BTW SF4 is better and will always be. SF2 is old as all fuck. Sick of that game.

i think i m better, cuz there can only be one “Nives” here.

course, i m the original.

Did this really have to happen?

09ers threads vs Gamefaqs forums, who wins?

Honestly, dude is new. He wants to know which Street Fighter game people prefer on a site about Street Fighter. It’s not a ridiculous request. I can only imagine the thought to search for “no vs threads” wouldn’t really cross anyone’s mind.

The douchebaggery here never ceases to amaze me.

He should have lurked more first, then he’d know not to make VS threads.

So many jerks on this forum, and I’m not taking about the original poster.

If you think a thread is stupid DON’T POST IN IT.

It will quickly fall away into obscurity if you DON’T POST IN IT. Problem solved.

We don’t need 10 - 20 “smart” posts insulting into the original poster, bumping the thread to the top of the page repeatedly. You don’t look cool doing this. You aren’t funny. All you do is makes the rest of us reasonable people on this thread look like jerks, too.

i agree. Say he is 12. And?12 yr olds do stupid shit. you all were 12 once and a lot are STILL stupid. But SRK is like HS where circles and peer pressure design the outcome of any given argument regardless of the credibility of the plaintiff.Except on SRK avatars and 3frame quips comprise cool rep. Que sera sera.

The only way to know that via lurking is if someone else starts one and we go through the whole thing again.

I suppose you could say even VS threads have their purpose.

Vs threads could have a purpose if the OP would put some dam effort into it. His first post consist of 11 words. Come on now.

The SRK community is a bunch of elitist pricks, mostly because they’re really, really good at fighting games. Also because they’re pricks.

Realize that they don’t want people mucking up the boards with pretty much useless information such as a game preference, because it makes you a better person to fap to frame data and game bugs. If you’re able to do reach this understanding, you just might come to better understand the board you’ve set foot in.

And hopefully that will enable you to leave before you too feel the need to become competitive at fighting games to the extent you bash on randoms for not knowing when to keep their damn posts to themselves.

SRK is getting softer and softer each year.


gamefaqs, of course, they have their good amount of 9ners and + their veterans, its impossible to lose

But then they will probably just make a new thread. Granted, 2+ pages of responses aren’t necessary but a few people should be able to get the point across.

He already made another shitty thread:

Only this time it’s about who your favourite SF2 character is, instead of if SF2 or SF4 is better.

Knivez vs. My Dick


You did the one thing you should never do on SRK. You should NEVER tell the truth (atleast about other members).:smokin:

All I can think of when I see this post is the word “Knivez” and a picture of the Botchman.

Knivez VS Botchtista’s biceps/quads/groin/any other part of your body that can possibly get hurt


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
You actually think we give a fuck about some 09er trying to get to know us
:rofl: :rofl:

Oh no you’re labeled an idiot as well…