Can’t you tell? Just look at my av! XD


glad this thread was made.


No love for Clown? :sad:


gief I win :r:?


thx for sharing






can’t believe more people have posted in this useless thread when maj’s sfiv breakdown thread only got 2 posts. Wtf is srk doing? More people are here to just flame one another instead of contributing useful knowledge…


my favourite character in SF2 would be saotome kaneda from SRK forum because he can make any opponent disappear by just saying the B word . there is a combovideo of him in youtube , it’s been made a couple of years ago .


Lol. OMG I LOVE SK! Is there anyway he can make this thread disappear? That would be awesome and he could put in another combo video of STUPID POINTLESS THREADS.


i dunno , only he can do it . the super move for that action is harder than doing double 360 and raging demon .


I like Clown


This 12 year old kid really does seem to like Street Fighter II a lot.

Next thing he’s gonna do is pop in and ask us which Power Ranger was our favorite, or what we did with all of our Pogs.


I’m more of a Mizoguchi person, <3 this thread btw


Brock Lesnar


D’Lo Brown.

His specials all involve slipping on beer and paralyzing the other character.




do you have a link?