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Right chaps, it’s back, but this time as an offline only resource. Download it, then open it up with your preferred browser (I use Firefox).

If you have any feedback / ideas / suggestions, please reply here.

Download link:

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Thank you! Glad it’s available again!


“The file you are trying to access is temporarily unavailable.”


EDIT: False alarm, seems to be OK now


guys, when your opponent is on wake up, what are some effective mind games you can use ?


Says that the file is unavailable. Is it possible to get it in PDF format?


The guide is now downloading correctly.

I’ll make a section about this on my guide at some point in the future, but it’s all about the fakeout. You need to make it look like you’re going to do one thing and then right at the last second, do something else. A really easy but effective one is this: in the corner after a knockdown, walk straight up to the opponent and hold down to crouch. As they get up, perform a meaty Dart Shot and then hit confirm into Dart Shot, cr.LP x2, Stand HK, EX MGB, Ender. After the knockdown, do exactly the same thing, but this time do a meaty cr.LK. The opponent will probably expect you to do the overhead so will stand block, allowing you to do cr.LK, cr.LP, Stand HK, EX MGB.


Awesome! Glad to see it back!

Just so you know, the Advanced Section link is still at the bottom of the document and brings you to old online advanced section. Just wanted to let you know in case you wanted to clean that up.


The most important thing you can do on your opponents’ wake up is pay very close attention to what THEY do. Against people with reversals, Dudley’s oki game is all just gimmicks. So you need to get a very quick grasp of what they are most likely to do in reaction to what you look like you are about to do, then you can bait it and punish.

You need to condition your opponent and also gauge what type of reaction they have to you. Are they are blocker, a backdasher, a reversal masher… etc etc


thanks for the advice, your guide is really helpful by the way, if you have anything else it will be appreciated, keep it classy mate!


This is awesome, thanks dude!


I knew I would forget something! I’ll clear this up for the next version I create.


Thanks GGM, you a champ! It’s finally back!


Great guide.

GGM any chance of having more starts in the matchup sections? Especially Dudley’s worst matchups.


Good shit


Mmm for some reason pretty much all the pics in the document are gone when I open the HTML file. Am I doing something wrong GGM?


Unzip the file, then it should display properly.


Thanks so much GG, this is extremely helpful!


Yes it’s on my to-do list. But with 35 characters it’s going to take a while! I need help from everyone else on the forum, as there are plenty of matchups I am still working out.


Seems like one part of the data is wrong. You have the active frames for LK ducking as 30 frames, where it should be 20, I think.


hey golden gunman, thanks, it’s much appreciated!