GGPO: A premium subscription, yay or nay?


I almost never make threads in FGD but, I have been thinking about this a bit recently since I have been using it quite a bit lately. I know many people feel the same way as myself that a lot of the ports that have come to the new consoles have been underwhelming of the older Capcom games. GGPO works with the resources of our PC’s and gives us reasonably faithful play through the use of emulators and such.

Does anyone else think that it would be an amazing idea for the cannon’s to team up with capcom and finally give us Capcom’s best games along with ggpo netcode with “arcade perfect” emulation on a stable server, no issues with connections, a replay viewer, etc? I mean there are plenty of ideas you could implement to make it a “sure sell” but if it was made as user friendly as possible (port forwarding LOL), gave us the games people have been wanting to play forever along with the current games on GGPO (cvs2 and mvc2, maybe 3s? not sure if that is possible anymore with 3SO), people would be beyond sold lol.

MSH / XVS / MVC1 - 2

I would gladly pay $50 or $60 to own these games in digital form on my PC to play offline or whatever and like $10 dollars a month to play them online an unlimited amount. I know I am not the only one either. If you could figure out a way to make so that we could play the other games from SNK and such on their as well, I would be will to pay a little more even. What do you guys think?


I paid $0 to play them on my pc offline and $0 to play them online an unlimited amount



If you are playing mvc2 and cvs2 online with ggpo, let me know where. The fee is to help fund it keep it updated, new features, etc.


Son, you must be snorting some lines of coke laced with everything under the kitchen sink, because this is a stupid ass idea.


One thing it isn’t possible. You’re asking for is one big fucking mess.


Why is it literally not possible? Some of them are going to eat shit on the licensing but, it isn’t like it would not be possible to update if they became available or easier to acquire, etc.


3s doesn’t work that well for me to pay for it there. Nor will it be remade for better GGPO functionality anytime soon.
Nor is the work going into emulating CvS2 and MvC2 for PC happening anytime soon.


The emulator used by GGPO doesn’t run CvS2/MvC2 for one. Ponder saying it’s legally impossible for him to charge for it also is probably means something too.


nulldc :coffee:


In it’s current form it doesn’t have naomi emulation but, that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist. I can’t comment on what Ponder said because I don’t know that ggpo in it’s current form is legal but, if you were trying to release it as a competitive play product with all those capcom games you are going to have to work out a deal to make it work legally.

Even though you are being sarcastic we both know that nulldc emu hardly even works let alone the online play with it. :confused:


pretty much this. 3sOE isn’t even that great so na not worth it


From what I recall, the main conflict of interest would be the charging for use of the emulator. This would possibly be in direct violation of the terms of service for use of the license of the fba emulator on behalf of the fba team. This I feel is the core of the legality issues at hand imo.



Too much problem with snk, capcom and the original makers of final burn alpha.


The problem is, capcom is in the console market mostly. If they wanted to rerelease their games on xbla or psn, they would be shooting themselves in teh foot.
Also, GGPO can be hard to setup for some people, so a lot wont use it. and finally if they changed it and made it more corporate friendly, I would worry.


XBL costs me £35 a year. I’m pretty much done now with most of the fighters on there apart from VF5FS.
I would pay around £20 I guess for a year of A2 and ST again on GGPO, with loads of players, all connecting well, just like in 2007/2008.
If I’d have known then what I know now, I’d have played on there like I played Super Metroid when it first came out: hour after hour after hour, night after night after night.


If this is true - most certainly is - then perhaps we could eventually get an even better GGPO. FBA has a bit of input delay. Something M.A.M.E. does not - or has fewer frames of delay. I know it is not likely, though. In addition to it, M.A.M.E.'s license also forbids commencial use, and even demands that modifications come with open source code.

The M.A.M.E. website states that the correct way of using M.A.M.E. is learning from its code and writing an emulator on your own. Thus, the trouble would be coding a new emulator, which is (much much much) easier said then done.


also, mvc2 on ggpo would be horrible with the button mapping and shit


Left+Right glitches anyone? But that can be fixed easily. Funny only Capcom games have it.

Mame, does not allow DLL insertion into the code so GGPO would have to go open source in order to be on Mame.


i was talking more along the lines of OBD and programmed pads being rampant :frowning:


You make OBD sad