GGPO about to make me lose control of my bowels

I can watch people play but I can’t play. What’s going on? My ports are forwarded and I don’t have my firewall on.

EDIT: Sorry, just noticed there was a whole section for ggpo.

do you think you could explain the situation a little better? and, you might want to put this in the GGPO forum. :tup:

i can’t play on GGPO because my school internet is terrible. lag city everywhere.

if you still can’t get it to work, 2DF is a really good alternative, and i can play on that just fine.

Yeah, I posted this before I even noticed the ggpo sub section. Was still in a blinding rage when I made thread. That’s as good as I can explain it though. Not sure what to make of it. I’m about to delete GGPO all together because now NFBA doesn’t work, lol.:bluu:

Amir had the same problem Couldn’t get it fixed for whatever reason.

I haven’t used GGPO in a long time. Had some issues with it and just got lazy about it. Plus my upstairs computer is all shot up now and I can’t really download much anything on this one.

If you would like…

I can remote into your computer and try and fix the problem myself. I work as a computer tech, so i know what i am doing, and i Play GGPO a lot and know most issues with it.

Also, I think I might know what the solution is.