GGPO Alpha2 Youtube Channel


Just started this channel

The goal here is to display some High Level Alpha 2 matches between Top GGPO Players.

Tourney or Casual, doesn’t really matter.

All Vids available in High Quality :lovin:


Some nice videos so far, and once you finish uploading the rest of our matches it’ll be starting off pretty well. Great quality on the videos :tup:


Good shit!


<3 B-IzM

you play my favorite games!


u should put on ur post what players to look out for and there main chars so new ppl can no who to challenge so they can learn faster


Beautiful stuff man


capture anything wolfwatcher, maxstah or zoo

here are my replays with them:


B-izm, could you upload some more game-play vids of yourself using Guy? Also would you mind telling me some of the pressure strings you use with Guy?


Thanks Man! I’ll cap some of these (the good ones) and put them up on the channel when I have free time!

As soon as I get more different players matches uploaded, I’ll post more vids of Guy.

As far as pressure strings…It’s basically just freestyling, I couldn’t really tell you cause everything is spur of the moment. I’ll list a few of the top of my head:

-c.lp, c.lp, -> throw or Alpha Counter or MK Hurricane Kick or CC

-c.lp, c.lp xx LK dash -> throw or Alpha Counter or MK Hurricane Kick or CC

-** xx LK dash **-> throw or Alpha Counter or MK Hurricane Kick or CC
*you don’t want to be too close, stand about a few steps away from your opponent.,, s.hpxx LK dash-> throw or Alpha Counter or MK Hurricane Kick or CC
*best used as a meaty on wakeup and the s.HP part wont work on Rose and Charlie I think.

-You can replace those LK dash cancels, into elbow strikes or bushin grabs to mix it up and then go into another loop.
-Be careful against good players who can Alpha Counter.
-Try not to be “too” aggressive, sometimes it’s best just to stay on the defensive.
-Be creative and try to be as unpredictable as you can.


B-izm, thanks for the tips. Here are somethings I think may help you out:

From Alpha 2 Guide -
Guy Top Down neck shatter gale custom
Level 1 24% damage

Activate CC (Overhead) f + mp,, mk Bushin gale kick

More meter means more (mk bushin gale kicks) X N ending with rh bushin gale kick

Also master the mp , fp, level 3 kick super hit confirm. Do this and you will have an A+ to S tier level Guy. Hope this helps. Peace!


I like this idea. I wanna improve my Akuma/Ken/Sagat and even my Guy.


its about time b-izm good vids