GGPO and 2DF For the NW

I couldnt find the old GGPO thread and the 2DF one was WAAAAAAAAAY in the back. BUt people really need to get on either one of these. SO instead of making 2 seperate threads. Its just gonna be this one. People should state there Names and which on they are on. Get your practice up. Its good for people like me who can’t get practice or help in there own area " YEAH I SAID IT ":confused:

GGPO: Jetay

2DF: Raishinken

GGPO - SeattleST when i play at Julien’s

2DF - XTG i registered a couple weeks ago but i cannot play on my home computer

Think i played you XTG was using Ryu agianst your Gief.

My name’s just Grant.
Good games, today!

GGPO: tepid