GGPO Client Doesn't Work


I’ve looked around some forums, and all the problems people seem to be having with GGPO seem to be entirely different from mine. Other people seem to have a lot of network issues.
I’m just installing it for the first time. I can’t even get to the point where I could tell if I have network issues. I can play the games single player with ggpofba but the regular ggpo file boots up, I can log in and then my screen is stuck like this.

I can’t chat, I can’t change game rooms, I can’t do anything. I can challenge people to games, buit I don’t think they get the challenges. I’ve been able to read the chat a few times, but never actually send messages. The client still alerts me if I don’t have a ROM for a game, but that’s it. I’ve uninstalled Adobe Air and reinstalled it and redownloaded the ggpo folder and I can’t think of what else would fix it. I’ve run in compatibility mode and it doesn’t seem to help.