GGPO Delay?

What does turning that option up or down do exactly?

most likely its the smoothing. its also like delay. so if you have it at 0 your game will be somewhat choppy (depending on connection) but you wont have any input delay. as you turn it up you’re decreasing choppiness but adding some delay. 1 is usually a good amount on PC. you can do 0 if they’re close though.

One of the primary ways that GGPO hides input lag is it adds a delay to the game by default. That way if lag appears and the netcode needs to correct something, it wont be noticable unless if it’s above the number you set as your GGPO delay.

Putting it on 0 is sort of removing this advantage, which is one of the key features of GGPO, making the addition of it kind of irrelevant.

That’s probably the key reason we’re getting reports of online lag, right? (not talking about the offline lag speculation)

Seems like people are either confused or have trouble communicating their understanding.

The GGPO delay setting adds input delay. This input delay gives GGPO a bit more breathing space to hide internet latency. When GGPO doesnt have enough “room” to do its various latency hiding techniques, it is forced to rollback or teleport more often. The greater the internet latency/ping, the more “room” GGPO needs to hide it.

If you are playing someone very close to you, then you can set the input delay to zero and it will be fine.
But if you are playing someone far away from you, setting the delay to zero will result in a much more erratic match with more glitching, teleports, rollbacks, etc. You need to set the delay high enough to allow GGPO to do its thing. There might be a way to calculate recommended input delay for a given ping, (or does the game suggest a recommended value?) but I dont know how. I can only suggest trial and error.

Given that most people say that practicing with a fixed delay is better than a variable one, I suppose it’s best to find out the farthest/highest ping of the people you’ll commonly play, set the input delay for the lowest value that still gives a smooth match, and then stick to that. You’ll still have to deal with offline mode being different, though.

I dont own the game yet - does it have a default value for GGPO delay? Or does it default to zero? Assuming many people are ignorant of the meaning of this setting, in the former case it might explain why people are reporting lots of input delay (along with HDTVs), whereas the latter case might explain the people complaining about glitchy matches.

The “GGPO delay” setting is a fixed option within the game settings. It’s nothing I am able to change while playing or while the matchmaking is taking place. The default setting is set at “2”.

It would be nice of the delay could dynamically change during match making

That would mean variable input delay during gameplay, which is afaik is considered universally bad when I’ve asked people about it.
A better option might be to be able to tweak it between rounds if it turns out its not at the right setting.

(Edit: this is wrong)–> Although as I understand it, GGPO delay applies to both players - cant remember how GGPO decides whose setting to use or if it averages or takes the largest/smallest setting. But regardless, it might not be a good thing to be able to mess around with the other player’s input delay during a match.

Your GGPO delay only applies to you when you’re online. The game just purposefully delays what you see on your screen by however many frames you set it to, during which time it can make corrections to future frames before they appear on your TV. Ideally you want 0 delay, but that can also lead to rollbacks which can mess you up bad in a non-LAN environment. I run 1 mostly and then switch to 2 if I’m playing a lot of JP players or if I decide to start going with people that have orange pings.

Yes, I was asking maeve about rollcaster on MeltyBread and he explained how rollback netcode works in detail. My understanding of that particular aspect was incorrect.

We need an option to set delay on the fly like PC. Before accepting a challenge i would first look at ping and set delay by the determined matchup. I’d like this in both lobbies and in rank matches, maybe using the back button.

Speaking about buttons they should set ready to a “two simultaneous” button press. I ca NT say how many times I’ve accidentally pressed x to go all the way back in line at a lobby, or when someones ping is orange then suddenly turns to red in ranked

100% in agreement. But does this have the potential to be abused or completely misunderstood? Would it be better if the system decided automatically i.e. this person joining session is red bar so delay is increased to 5ms, this person is yellow bar so 3ms etc.

Delay 2 seems to work best with people from the same country/roughly the same area. I tried 0 and 1 with a couple of guys and it was rollback galore. Pretty odd considering that I’ve always played with delay 1 on PC GGPO and has always worked fine. Guessing Capcom messed up, again.

In all honesty i would rather keep my shit to 1. However if i am going under the circumstance of seeing an “orange” ping magically turn red, or if i want to play with a good friend who lives a great distance then I’d like to change it.

I would sacrifice “smoother” gameplay over my hit confirms anyday, and so as ignorant as i may sound I’d like to keep my ping to 1. But you can only handle so much jitteriness and more rollbacks than Walmart @ a time, so I’d like to change it on a whim if I’m gonna have a long session with someone. So in otherwords, no i wouldn’t want the delay to be set automatically but it would be amazing to see how they embed that into the games settings. I’d like to see it there, i just wouldn’t use it.

I felt the default delay of 2 alone and it’s been working well for me. I have great matches with players of yellow ping and okay ones with orange ping. I’ll keep it at 2 for the foreseeable future.

I am 99% certain this setting not only applies to online but also offline play. Turning this setting to 0 has made this game feel arcade perfect for the first time since I bought it. I have experienced this both on my Xbox and PS3 copy of the game. My guess is that the developers applied it to both on and offline play in an effort to get players to adjust to the 2 frame delay that they felt was ideal to prevent most rollbacks. The problem is that if you’re interested in actual true arcade feel you don’t want any delay. I strongly suggest that people turn this value to 0 and try some training mode and see if you notice a difference.