GGPO: Did it cheat me a win or is that how it works?

I was playing some 3SO tonight on PSN.Having a great time, learning the ropes playing some Ryu. Played against a Urien who was pretty good. He was down to a sliver of life I was down to about half. I threw a hadoken and he jumped on it. I hear “K.O. OOOAAHHHHH! You win!” as if I won the round. But he kept going and kept moving and killed me for a free round. I’m assuming this is how GGPO works but i was a bit surprised that one of my first outings with this game led to me essentially getting a win “stolen” from me on my screen.

From what I’m to understand from how GGPO works it rewinds to when it thinks it lagged and goes back to that point in the game, essentialy undoing everything that happened seconds before it. I’m probably totally wrong but I was just curious if I should expect things like this later on as I try to continue learning this game.

Yup you should expect it to happen occasionally. That’s just a drawback of how GGPO works.

Sort of, what actually happened was the game synched and what really happened was he cleared your hado and then comboed you. Although, I hope you don’t see something like that too much.

In truth you weren’t cheated, offline you would have seen him clear the hado.

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Good to know, thanks. Yeah I’m hoping my connection isnt that horrendous that I see that often. I need to know not to let go of my controller after hearing that KO ahha