"GGPO for MVC3" Signature Thread: WE WANT GOOD NETPLAY!


Simple as this, no discussion needed. All you need to do is type in sign. After this, you can put whatever the fuck you want in your post.

I will edit this so capcom doesn’t need to go and count how many people want GGPO for MVC3.

So I’ll start it up.

Number of people signed: 52 extremely attractive and smart people signed for it. May have miscounted.

Sign. Nitsuma don’t fuck with my money. I want to by 18 copies if you do it right.

EDIT: For you people saying that “it is too late why are we signing this?” It is not too late. the game is suppose to come out in Spring of next year. We got 5 months left for the game to come out. Only like 20 characters have been announced and they probably got 10+ left to reveal. Maybe im retarded (and tell me if I am retarded or not) but they probably haven’t touched the online play of MVC3. If they did, it was only a little bit and not significant enough to make an established netcode. Seriously guys, lets be optimistic for 10 seconds and lets sign this goddamn petition.








signed, hopefully someone sees this.

posting in a legendary petition


My signature counts as two imo


I’m for it



signed :slight_smile:






Signed. what else there is to say cause Arclive isn’t going to license their code.


oh god yes signed


I made this a suggestion on the Capcom-Unity website. Right now it’s on the front page by rating; the more support it gets, the better.

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GGPO is cool, but no. And it’s basically been told that GGPO is only cool for digital play rather than a hard copy. HOWEVER, if by chance CVS2 or some other staple fighting game from Capcom or SNK comes out on the XBLA/PSN Arcades, that’d be the perfect time to put GGPO to the test.


What makes you think the net framework hasnt been going on for months prior to this?

I really dont get petitions.





Man, I just want it to be good. No lag, if possible. If not, then just very little. /hereshoping




This is stupid and pointless, but whatever.