GGPO for MVC3?

How can we make this happen?

Can you code?


There is no way, Capcom will probably give us crap netcode before another none fighting game gets GGPO netcode and telling people to buy it to support the chances of GGPO getting into their next lot of fighting games whilst the reps sit around giggling and sticking things up their noses.

lol first put up mvc2

dont bet on it.

well they have a year to test it out. Maybe we’ll see Third Strike, Alpha 3 or Vampire Chronicles put up on PSN/XBLA between then using it to see how it works out.

If that happens, their maybe hope for Caps using it for MvC 3.

I’m pretty sure one of the announcements was that it will be using GGPO O_o

Link please.

unless its st or jojos i wouldn’t want it