ggpo forums

so i see they made the ggpo forums section make u go to the ggpo website which totally makes sense. but what bout the important threads we have there. is it possible to put them on the ggpo forums? bc we had a a2 ranbat thread and certain players had points. would suck if we would have to start over again. and i forgot rsx made 101s for almost all the chars in a2. i really hope u guys didt erase that thread.

aww whaaat?

I always prefered the SRK ggpo forum over the official site forum.
SRK forum has nicer design and feels like ‘home’.
I’m gonna miss avatars

I’d love for the GGPO site to get more traffic, this seems like one of the ways to do it. So far it seems like it’s not going to happen though. Just doesn’t have the same vibe as SRK I guess.

Yeah, I made alot of A2 posts and faqs which aren’t existent it seems anymore.


They should’ve ported the forum over instead of just purging the whole thing.

It’s gonna be awhile to get it all back, and I have to redo Birdie and Ken, Rolento, Dan.

wiz can u do anything to help? maby the threads didt get deleted.

the threads are still there, you just need to tell me which are the important ones, and i can move them somewhere else on the site.

How about moving your Alpha 2 101’s into the Alpha Anthology Strategy Board?

I think it is even better.

I wouldn’t mind at least having a GGPO thread in here for srk’ers. The GGPO forums seem a bit… underused

then… use them?

Very helpful, thanks. :rolleyes:

I do post there, but there’s very little content, and no “community” per se.