GGPO game for new players?


I’m currently “recruiting” some friends into the vibrant world of fighting games (of which I am quite new myself), and I’m wondering about what game would be best to pick up if you’re a new player.

I want to teach them (while I’m teaching myself) proper space controlling, pressure and all that, but some games are just too… explosive? Where the basics are no longer in the spotlight.
We do not have the luxury of actually meeting, since they’ve moved out of town - so we’re stuck with GGPO (not like there’s anything wrong with it!) and whatever doujin games are lying around.

We’ve been testing a lot of different fighting games recently but have yet to decide on one - hence why I’m asking about your opinion.

For someone who wants to develop a solid understanding of the basic gameplay that is consistent throughout all fighting games, which one would you pick?

Alpha 2 and Alpha 3 are great for teaching fundamentals (especially footsies), but both have elements that muck around with this like alpha counters/Valle CCs in A2 and VCs in A3.

If you’re just playing on A/X-ISM in A3 though, it’s a great teaching tool for new players even if the hitboxes are a bit wonky (normals that extend horizontally tend to have a lot of priority and are typically better anti-airs than ones that hit straight up, so something like shoto’ s. MP is actually a more reliable anti-air than c. FP).

ST would be good for fundamentals as well, but it’s more execution heavy than the others in terms of inputs (especially with reversals being a necessary tool for getting out of a lot of mix-up) and the short recovery/start-up on projectiles might lead new players to rely too much on them. Unless you really have a good understanding of spacing, I think ST can develop a lot of bad habits with new players who are just trying to get accustomed to things like footsies (over reliance on throws and projectiles for one).

A lot of top ST players only play ST, whereas most of the top Alpha players went on to become big names in just about every new fighter besides 3S.

ST in my opinion would be the best to learn. Learn that, and you can pretty much play any 2D fighter out there.

super turbo for sure

super farkin turbo

Yeah I was in this same situation like 2 years ago. I started with 3s and ST. ST definitely helps work on fundamentals of street fighter. it has the tightest frame windows, its the fastest, and the learning curve is very steep so if you learn ST first, you’ll be able to learn a lot of other 2D fighters easier

ST will teach you everything about fundamentals.

Super Turbo.

But if it’s too fast/execution heavy, Alpha 2 is an alright choice

I would say Alpha 2
My first game i really got into was Alpha 2, then i learned like, almost every character there, including complicated characters like Gen.
After Alpha 2 i came to Super Turbo and everything came natural to me on that game, it’s all about basics.

But yeah, Super Turbo or Alpha 2 are good for starting out, Alpha 2 will look more pretty for your friends thought

Super Turbo all day.

Super Fucking Turbo


Alpha 2. Like Kyouji said, you learn more about footsies in Alpha games. DPs aren’t as overpowering, nor are projectiles. You learn how to utilize your normals more effectively in that game. In the real world, GGPO Alpha 2 room is populated by really annoying Brazilians. They do a lot of shit like abuse lag, so essentially they get away with a lot of shit that they wouldn’t be able to get away with offline. I can usually find ways around it, because I’ve played Alpha 2 for years. New players will be overwhelmed.

ST is better because you find a better pool of players.   Many of them are pretty solid, and big names like Alex Valle  and Grahm Wolfe visit on occassion.  You'll also play good players like Ghaleon, and so really good Japanese players as well.  You get to learn the game correctly, though ST has issues with people abusing lag as well.   People on GGPO get break every throw and almost always get reversals, and I don't see many great players offline get this stuff off nearly as much.

like many said here, Super Turbo is the way to go

Another vote for ST.

Learning from ST can teach you that doing reversals can be a solution to the majority of your problems especially since the risk/reward for doing so is more in the reversaler’s favor compared to other games. Reversals are far more risky to do in other games such as the Alpha games, kof, etc. I’ve played a lot of players in kof players that have big ST backgrounds and they pretty much kill themselves doing reversal dps/supers.

That said, I can’t necessarily recommend kof either…I’d say Alpha 2 or 3.

CE or HF

Metal Mike speaks truth. He made me semi learn it and it stepped my game up a lot

You can go from full to less than half life for whiffing a reversal in st. :rofl: I’d say it teaches you to weigh in the risk/reward more often especially since you have one frame to perform it. I always thought I was watching robots play when I watch match videos since the game demands perfection.

ST emphasize everything. Speed, reactions, execution, spacing, zoning, and footsies. It’s a very unforgiving game. However, I think it’s a little more forgiving than games like HF. It’s totally one on one, no supers, no throw escapes, no nothing. The art of counter throwing was decreased a little in ST, but I guess you still see it in really high level ST. Still most people don’t bother with counterthrowing since there are now throw escapes in the game. I thought counter throw mindgames games were interesting, but of course most games implement throw escapes.

Hi I’m deadfrog and I love Super Turbo I love Super Turbo I love Super Turbo. :angel: