GGPO game for new players?

Jewpuncher (Akatsuki Blitzkampf) is really good at this in my opinion.

plays like an older capcom Capcom fighter and has very good netplay.

it’s not on ggpo though.

alpha 2 scene has been steadily going down for a while now. Sucks really, thats one of the BEST SF games ever made IMO. You have to be so technically on point in that game, its very cracky. Alpha 2 needs to make it to XBL\PSN.

ST can be overwhelming for someone who’s never played a fighting game against someone average but on ggpo, there’s a huge amount of diversity for the game. You’ll get the widest spectrum of comp, from noobies to pro’s. That type of spectrum is great for someone learning a game. They get to go through the totem poll process starting @ the bottom and working their way up. Stuff like that is good because it can symbolize what you’ve been learning if you’re no longer @ the bottom.

However, ST is not scrub friendly. Heed the warning.