GGPO graphics settings?


Sup all, wondering what graphics settings people use to make GGPO come out looking the best. Used the forum search and couldn’t find any answers.

I find that using DX9 blitter and cubical filter comes out the best, but I’m looking for more ideas. I really don’t wanna use DX9 filter as it cuts out chat and the spectators/players thing on the top of the screen, but I’ll have to fuck around with settings.

Thanks for any help. :dp: :p:

Edit: forgot to mention the game, this is for 3s.


changing the graphics could cause more lag. leave them in their default state


Blitter - Enhanced
Blitter Options - SoftFX algorithm - Mame2x Scale


you mean network lag or can cause bad fps?

I was using experimental blitter with constant 60 fps.


I like sharp pixels myself so disable all filters.


I disable all filters and add 50% scanlines. That’s on XP, it looks like shit on Vista dunno why.


I was messing around with scanlines a bit. Thing I don’t like about it is they make the screen dark as hell and I don’t know how to make it brighter.


Where are the filters at in the GGPO emulator?


video > select blitter


network lag