Alright guys, need some quick help from you guys about GGPO.

1 - How big is the Download for GGPO and it’s ROMs? I understand that the ROMs soley depend what game, and if it is downloaded with other ROMs, but can you guys give me an estimate of how big they are? I am also not asking for links for the ROMs on the forums, because that is allowed under the Terms of Conditions and Rules for the forums, but for a heads-up, I might ask it via PM.

2 - Does the TE work on GGPO? I have downloaded the driver for my 360 TE to work on my PC, but will it work when I’m playing GGPO? If not, that is okay, it just means I need to learn how to play fighting games on the PC.

3 - Can GGPO run on Vista/Windows 7? As of right now, I am using a laptop that runs on XP, but I might switch to a PC that runs on Vista/Windows 7 if the ROM files for GGPO are over 2GB.
My laptop’s 30GB HDD is only running on 4GB right now due to a lot of a lot of work-related files (e.g Photoshop files, Auto CAD files, etc.) and the PCs I’m looking at right now has a 300GB HDD, but runs on Vista or Windows 7.

I thank anyone and everyone who helps me out. Thanks!

GGPO runs on windows 7.

And to configure your TE for GGPO; just plug it in before you launch the entire program (not just a rom), then hit F5 in a loaded rom and the configure thing will come up. It is pretty self explanatory from there.

Dunno about rom sizes, hope this helps.

Rom sizes usually go from like 50 mb to 300 mb. Could be wrong though but it’s definatly never over 1 gb.

Fire up the emulator (press GGPOFBA in the folder), click on the rom you are opening and press tab>player controls to configure your inputs for the TE. I use a TE with GGPO on windows 7 and it works perfectly. You don’t even need to get any drivers.

  1. The program itself is small, it’s the ROMs that take up the most space, usually about 700 MB for the full set of supported games + any other needed files.

  2. Yes. It works.

  3. Yes. It works on much older, crummier PCs as well.

Another quick question, I’m trying to configure my network and trying to open up the ports, but do I need to open up the ports from the computer that runs the wireless router, or can I configure it wirelessly via my laptop?

You can do it wirelessly from your laptop.

there are plenty of guides online but it is still a pain :confused:

Geez, Port Forwarding is a pain… :confused: . I’m using the one that GGPO is sending me to, but it looks annoyingly complicated… DX

Okay, I port fowarded all the ports that needed to be open, I have “found” a torrent for ROMs, what’s next? I am pretty sure I have to open the torrent with something like Azureus, but after that what do I do next?

No one here is gonna be able to answer that question. Not only is it annoying that people are spoon feeding you obvious shit, but you don’t realize you are asking for help for something not allowed to be discussed on this forum.

how about going to and asking there