GGPO in future capcom titles!

How is there no thread about this yet? Edit - this was posted for 45 minutes before I got my mitts on it.

This is exactly what I needed to hear. Now an idiot like me living in no-one-plays-games-very-well-land might actually be able to keep up with those of you living in hotspots.

Proceed to orgasm. You have my permission.

GGPO is in? Great news indeed.

edit. here we go…at the end of the article

Hay wait a minute

This is some of the biggest and best news to hit Online SF in years and only 3 posts? WTF!!

Bout time. They should have done that from the very start.

Capcom has come to their senses- GGPO’s client may have quirks, but the code is superb.

Now Ponder should have a talk with Namco.

This would be great if the other fighters had this same netcode, not just Capcom fighters.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love SF, but at the same time, I don’t want Capcom fighters to be the ONLY fighters with good netcode. The only other fighter I have seen which it’s netcode was close to being good as GGPO’s was VF5. I hope the other companies take a lesson from this model

Friggin awesome…:tup:

Well this is a victory for the hood.

Good shit, Capcom!!!

it’s relieving to hear that news but then again I would have hoped capcom could have surpassed the services of GGPO. GGPO is fantastic but then again isn’t just a fan made program done in ponder’s spare time? I would hope capcom could have done better for a piece of comercial software but if i’m talking out of my ass feel free to correct me!

So, you are saying that you think a whole company full of people who do not play fighting games competitively can do better than one man who understands them at their deepest levels?

Im not sure I agree. At all.

EDIT : Monte - LOVE your avatar. Hillarious.

I think they probably will.

I imagine that at the very least other companies will try to at least copy the netcode like backbone tried to do in the first place.

This will force other companies to put in real effort or just outright license ggpo. Nobody will accept shoddy work anymore for online fighting games. Or at least I hope nobody accepts it anymore.

stfu reno

Aksysgames and their series of fighters should be announced next. We got some hints here already :woot:

I’m really hoping SNK jumps on as well :rock:


Hints? They pretty much outright said that BlazBlue will be using GGPO…

And yeah, SNK needs to get onboard… maybe a letter-writing campaign is in order, lol.

oh dear god yes.

this is great news!

STREET FIGHTER IV :pray::pray::pray:

This is a good first step. Lets hope other companies (besides Capcom) get the message and have GGPO like netcode or better.

thanks for the AV luv.

I’m no code master nor do I work for code masters so forgive my ignorance but what does playing fighting games have to do with it? does GGPO use code that is specific to fighters? I just thought it was really damn good netcode but if GGPO uses code that is specifically tailored for fighters then I guess I retract my prior statement.