GGPO , is it really mean lagless matches?

there is a rare people play fighting games in my country or my region
and i read on GGPO website that u can play overseas with very decent connection .
i’m really wanna know if this true or not, else i wont buy third strike

sorry for my English not my native

Yes you can…you should actually try GGPO out.

but my pc cant run any game any more ,based on your experience how u see GGPO

Lag is almost unnoticeable with GGPO… unless you’re playing 3s.

It’s alright, but it’s still not that almost-offline experience that you expect. There’s still enough lag for lag tactics to exist.

but hey street fighter alpha 2 is still a great game.

Play ST on GGPO. Runs Fantastically

Yes. It also checks and cures for STDs.