GGPO KOF 98/2002 tournies?


Ill run them since Im tryna get this damn game down. Question is who would actually join if I held them.


i would


Heh, I thought these were done for good. I’d join. Inexperience and all.


I’d join… not that I’m hot shit either :rofl:


I’d join and most likely lose badly, but only if it’s on weekends.


I’m always in as long as there aren’t any laggy mexicans.


Low pings only, and i suck too lol


by low i mean any ping that isnt laggin lol


I’d join depends on which days though

I also suck. :sad:



I kinda suck at 2k2 though


Too laggy for me to play, but I’ll watch and talk shit in the IRC channel. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’d be down! pretty garbage, but hell, this is the way to start learning, right?


I’ll play need to look up how to do the GGOP stuff tho


kind of concentrating on 12 now but ill play if im around


I might.


probably inot too far in the future. Better to organize this in IRC tho.


depends on which days

weekends are becoming impossible for me


I’d join. Even with no experience, no exposure, no skill.


kof 98 99 00 are the games i play, everything i learned is from the japanese. anyone want competition let me know. im off mon/tues and live in florida with no console in my possession just a controller. ill give you a beating to remember