GGPO MVC March 29!

GGPO MvC March 2008 Tournament

Hopefully we can make this into one of the 4 big ones (4 big tourneys a year could be March, June, September and December)

Date: March 29 - Saturday
Time: 9 PM EST
Game: MvC
Single Elimination *
2 out of 3 for the whole tourney, except Grand Finals which will be 3 out of 5.
Random brackets **

Organizers: Fort (me) Rookie and MindGame so far. Whoever wants to help is very welcome.

No prizes. Just fun!

  • Tourney runs faster and we can have online brackets for everyone to see. So people can just play their games after checking the bracket instead of waiting for me to announce each one out of hundreds of matches. Tourney ends earlier too, so europeans can sleep a little earlier as well.

** There may be some floatings to enable some players to connect. Keep reading for more info.

If all goes well with good participation and fun for everyone we’ll keep having monthlies.


40 players from 9 countries so far. Last week for signups!

fort dont be an idiot keep it in the GGPO forums

I’m posting here because people asked me repeatedly to post tournaments on the tournaments section. Makes sense to me.