GGPO or 2DF? Help me choose!

Okay, so I heard about GGPO, and a friend of mine just started playing. But now I hear about something similar called 2DF! Which do I choose?

Obviously 2DF has more games, but what other pros and cons for each are there? I may just end up installing both, but which should I look into?

install both then try both.

they’re both great. i mostly use 2df for 3s and ggpo for super turbo. 3s on ggpo runs well but you get black lines across the screen every now and then. it’s usually not that bad also, ggpo seems to have better players when it comes to both games

2DF is waaay more streamlined, has a ranking system for a lot of games, has detailed stats from most games you play, has a recap system that lets you view EVERYTHING you’ve played on 2DF (shit, you can watch everything someone else has done too, great for spying on the competition :wink: ), and has tons of game support but is lacking players (especially ones from the US).

GGPO probably has the better netcode and does have way more people in Super Turbo. GGPO has had nagging glitches that have yet to be fixed for months though (like getting challenged when you are in-game, challenges not being canceled when you enter another game, etc).

And if you want challenge in ST on 2DF, just find Damdai. He’ll kick your head in as long as you want :wink:

i think 2df is better because they dont mess with the coding at all (from what i understand) and because its p2p, which to me is always better than a server.

2df makes the world go round. If I wasn’t scared of needles I’d get 2df tattoo on my left nut.

i use both.
altho 2DF player base is annoyingly GGPO-hating and generally clueless. (see quote)

Just get both. They both have their PROs and CONs.

Seems to be a lot more players from East Asia, especially PRC, on GGPO.

Play both. I use GGPO only cause all I play in ST, VS, and A2 and they run better on that. But there is nothing to choose from really. GGPO does have better A2 players though.

2df has more games. ggpo has the better players. i use ggpo for my fighting games 2df for my adventure games. and plus alot of ppl take the ranking system way to serious on 2df. but there both good for there own ways.

both are free and have their own advantages, why would you ever wanna choose?

both are free and have their own advantages, why would you ever wanna choose?

so true complexz.
i use ggpo, theres some sick bastards on Street Fighter Third Strike. watch out :slight_smile:

As it so happens, I figured out how to get 2df running perfectly, while I haven’t got around to doing so on GGPO (though I haven’t uninstalled it, or anything). I also find it alot easier to find players for KOF '98, and Garou (the two games I play, though I think I’ll start playing The Last Blade 2 soon as well).

The player base for KOF 98 is waaaaaaaaay bigger on GGPO, especially the 3624612 Chinese players who will give you a good challenge anytime of the day.

GGPO is basically better/smoother for everything except 3S. However, you will find good comp on both. So why not try both?

Chinese will almost never play with anyone outside of asia so it’s kind of pointless.

Not for people who live in Asia.

Play both.

Although I’ve seen better ST players (read: pro) on GGPO. Both are fun tho.

i prefer ggpo personally
im a stickler for the lag
ggpo is much smoother from my experience
i got them both i say thats what you should do too
i mean 2df has more games too thats appealing as we