GGPO Problem, Call for Aid

Hey everyone!

Im writing this with a sense of desperation, im in the unfortunet sitiuation that GGPO isnt working anymore and i’ve tryed everything i can to find a solution but to no avail (new computer, new internet)

I’ve made a thread on the GGPO forums but the unfortunet sitiuation is that, no one really frequents that forum anymore so very few people are actualy looking at the thread.

So im asking everyone here to please take a look at my forum thread and try to help the ones like me thats having this terible problem preventing us from doing something we all enjoy (playing fighting games)

If you have anything to add to the thread that might help, do not hessitate at all to post a reply even if you doubt it to be helpfull…

GGPO Forum Thread:

Hopefully im not breaking any rules by posting this here but yeah being desperat about something will most likely do that.

Anyway… cheers!

Moving to the tech section. I hope they can help from there man, if not let me know and I will try to find someone who can help

Bumping this before i go to bed! (hope thats allowed)

I have the exact same problem. I tried completely reinstalling GGPO and nothing helped… bah.

Updated the thread on the GGPO forums with the solution to the problem