I logged on just now and apparently the karnov room is gone now. Anyone know what happened?

Was “unsupported games” always there or is that a new addition? Maybe the expectation is that you play all other games not officially listed in there.

I was told that its now under ‘Street Fighter Tres’

You can play it in the “Street Fighter Tres” room. Obviously I can’t say how here though…

I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, but I couldn’t even specate matches at the Tres room. I’ve done everything, renamed the save, tried new roms, nothing.

I can give you my installation if you want. PM me.

I figured out Tres room. Whats the deal with ford strike, how do we do that?

Switch out the roms and change the 4th strike roms title to match the original label. Don’t forget to change the save state, too. Then if you and your opponent both have them in place, the roms and savestate, then you can just play it. You’ll know you did it right because when it’s booting it says 4rd strike instead of 3rd. If anything some of the guys in there might be able to help you.

No one plays Ford Strike anyway. Too retarded.

I dunno, man. I saw oro land an air to air chicken leg thing and then reset the other character with a post chicken wing forward. Shit was eye pooping. Yes, pooping.

Poopspin > eye poop.

& I never got a full confirmation on what poop spin even was.

YOOOOOOOOOO I figured out what was wrong with my GGPO 3rd Strike; The fucking game won’t start if you disable sound on the emulator, read it straight from GGPO forums, how fucking stupid is that? Or how fucking stupid am I in beliving when someone said that disabling sound reduces input lag on the emulator? W/e, it works now, tres 4lyfe.

yo you GGPO dudes. I’d like to start hanging in the GGPO room on occasion. XBL is cool and there’s a small handful of great players but it makes sense to play everywhere I can. problem is, every time I go to the GGPO 3s room I see ping ranges from 80-120ish. which IIRC many people feel is on the border of whether it’s playable or not. I know when I went on tonight to play one of my friends from NYC the connection was pretty bad and we were both dropping shit constantly that we usually don’t drop offline.

so here’s my questions. is it worth playing on GGPO with pings like that against most NA players? and what kind of GGPO delay do you need to set to make it smooth? I had delay at 1 tonight and it was still pretty iffy.

I’m a European player, but as far as I’m concerned anything over 80 ping ain’t 3s.

ggpo period isn’t 3s. For example, earlier today I got the Ken neutral grab on Makoto glitch, wait for it… in the first round. Well technically tenren got it on me but still. Maybe I was just lagging hard, though, right?

I really dislike that you can’t turn off sound. through the emulator. The announcer for 3s has never been more annoying than when he is incoherent the way he is on ggpo.

I’ve been saving up for a 3s cab. only a bit further to go actually. but eventually I expect OE to not have anyone playing online so I need some way to play against non-Alaskan players. my past experience with GGPO has been pretty iffy (either it’s rollback and drop city or I set the GGPO delay higher and can’t confirm or react to stuff) but I’d like to give it an extended try and see if I can make the most of it. I suppose worst case scenario I can still play against western Canada players.

Funny enough, I was playing ggpo delay 10 earlier today. I tried 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 and 10.

0 being the best
1 being the worst
2 being almost as good as 9 but only if they are on 2, too.
4, 6, and 10 were the same for the first round and then I guess my opponent changed his delay and the experience was back to being shit.

My theory is that it’s really important for non-0 delays to at least be + vs + or - vs -. Whenever I play someone that has it on 1, I am always off by 1 frame. 2 not so much, 0 never, and the rest are just like 2 except that I can’t uppercut on reaction.

ggpo should definitely get more players and special guests such as igloobob on the regular…and dander is really nice in live txt to txt chat he was a cool addition

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I was under the impression that bug was unrelated to lag.

If you hold ctrl+alt and then use - or + on your keyboard, it will change the volume.

Get Leatrix Latency and follow Toastedsubs guide on here to reduce lag