[GGPO][SF3.3] - Tech questions


Hi there,

I wanted to know some stuff on 3.3, so here are the questions :

  • First, how does OS works ? Is that the same as in SF4 ? i saw the SGGK OS but i’m not sure how to use it (i think i don’t understand the main difference between a regular OS and the SGGK). Is there any “throw tech” (like in SF4) ? How to make OS with parry option in it ?
  • I was a makoto player, and start to use Q and ken (very different, i know). Is there any frame data for this char ? and i didn’t find any “advanced” wiki (i just find tiers list / kara throw for everyone / move list, but nothing more advanced)
  • I use GGPO, and i find the graphical quality very bad. Is there anything to do in order to have the best settings ? some known options to enable or something ?
  • As a GGPO user, i play with the “Karnov” thing but i don’t find the option to play alone (training mode) or go local with a friend ?

Thanks all for the answers, and sorry if it’s silly question.

BTW, i would love to play with you guys, so if you see me (Kalote), don’t hesitate and invite me : )


Don’t really have the time to answe all your questions, but
http://ensabahnur.free.fr/Baston/index.php?page=gameChars&gameNum=20&gameName=Street Fighter III Third Strike Frame data

Yes, the jab/throw tech works OS the same way. SGGK is inputing forward/down for a parry, and then kara canceling the best normal for it into a throw. If they do nothing you grab them, if they throw something out you parry theyr attack and the normal that you kara canceled with will come out. For Ken it’s forward/down karagrab with closemp . for the training mode thingy you either will have to emulate the ps2 version, play on console or use some cheats for you cps3 emulator so you can set infinite health and stuff. I bet there is some user application made for training in the arcade version of the game, but I dont know much about it. For the graphic quality, just fiddle with the option you have in your emu and find what fits you the most

To play local you just need to launch ggpofba.exe