Ggpo- Sfa2

Name is tepid.

Ps3 sticks work like a charm.

im on there. name is wenzel. im playing with an xbox 360 pad though :frowning:

Whenever I get my USB converter, I’m hooking up my stick to my PC and everyone will be able to get some free wins off of me.

From a ps2 stick?

Radio Shack, yo.

Too late. I ordered one from play-asia already. =P

Yeah im going to wait until i get my converter back.

I think the only person I’ve played from the NW so far was raishinken. I’ve seen YabukiStyle on a few times but haven’t gotten to play him.

I’m BBH on there (duh) so hit me up if you want a Sakura beatdown :tup:

I played YabukiStyle…It was fun.

What version of final burn do you need?

The version of Final Burn is included with the GGPO client.

^^^^^ that guy cheats!

don’t make me throw you around some more :cool:

How’s the net lag on ggpo? I’d play but I have no gamepad/stick.

Simon: The lag is pretty much nonexistant; a lot better than one would expect. FinalBurn can work with just your keyboard if you’re up to it. hehe

Only thing that I could see people lagging with is if their system can’t run FB concurrently with other programs. I think I might just buy some extra RAM for my laptop so I can play a little more freely without having to worry.

Anyway, I’m in. My usb converter came in today and I’m using my US T5 stick. No problems whatsoever other than mapping buttons, but that was all solved in the GGPO thread. I get served hard in this game. hahah

MvC has been added. Nolan, Rat, let’s go! Sadly, I don’t have a PSX -> usb adaptor, so I’m going keyboard warrior on ya’ll. Sign ups are down, but I’ll log on as DoughBoy as well. Default Roll and alternate color CapAmerica equals Team Christmas Colors!

Shit’s never in stock. :shake:

I should start playing that again.


Not to get anyone’s hopes up, but I know you meant to put MvC1. yeah.

Yeah, I meant MvC: Clash of Superheroes. Sorry if I made anyone quit their jobs in hopes of playing MvC2 all day everyday.

You did shatter some dreams there.